Miniskirt Ban: Violations Up To $700

October 28, 2010
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Could there really be a miniskirt ban? Violations up to $700 could have to be paid in the Italian town of Castellammare di Stabia for inappropriate clothing! Tickets will be passed out the citizens and visitors as well. Want more of the details, with pictures and videos? Keep reading below!

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I wonder if she would get a fine?! This is all part of a movement in the country started by the Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi who is giving local leaders extra abilities to fight crime and anti-social behavior. You wouldn’t believe some of the things the nation is actually restricting.

The mayor of this particular town, Luigi Bobbio, sees the clothing restriction as a way to control people who he sees as “rowdy, unruly, or simply badly behaved.” Other than the miniskirt ban with violations up to $700, the rules include any clothing that is too revealing. He also wants to restrict things like sun bathing and public soccer games. Could you picture that?!

According to Gather other mayors are restricting some things like sandcastles, kissing in cars and mowing the lawn on the weekend. This is definitely not the first or last restriction of this kind from around the world. Do you remember the recent burqa ban in France? That was more of a security reason, but it involved clothing and censorship of this kind is no new thing!

Do you think this is a practical plan of action? It makes me think of middle school when teachers would make you put your arms by your side to make sure your clothing bottoms went past your fingertips! I totally understand wanting to keep a place respectable, but is it really the government’s job? What if you lived there or even just visited and got a miniskirt ban violation up to $700? Be sure to tell me your thoughts after you check out these photos of celebrities who would probably get a ticket. Get more from this video as well!

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Photos:, BJJ, Michael Wright, Homero Tercero

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One Response to “Miniskirt Ban: Violations Up To $700”

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    Rezepte zum Abnehmen Says:

    The next election in his country will probably not go Berlusconi’s way so he’d better enjoy the good times while they go on. Seems like this is what Berlusconi is doing at the moment anyway!