Nate Berkus Hospitalized

December 1, 2010
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Nate Berkus was rushed to the hospital after his “Today” appearance yesterday with severe pain! For more info on his condition and why he had to go to the hospital, keep on reading!

Designer cutie and Oprah favorite Nate Berkus was hospitalized yesterday following his appearance on “Today”. The talented design expert didn’t feel well and was experiencing severe pains prior to the appearance and was immediately taken to the emergency room once he finished his appearance.

Nate Berkus is one heck of a professional! Even though he complained of pain and not feeling well prior to his appearance on “Today”, he still went on air and gave some Christmas decorating tips before being rushed to the hospital. You can tell Nate Berkus wasn’t feeling well while he schooled Matt Lauer on how to decorate a table, but he toughed it out! The show must go on! You can watch video of his appearance on the morning show HERE.

Upon arrival at the hospital, it was determined that Nate Berkus was suffering from a nasty case of appendicitis. Ouch! He was scheduled for surgery to remove the troublesome appendix, and is expected to make a fast recovery.

“He powered through and then went straight to the hospital after that and they learned he had appendicitis,” his rep told People. “He was in a lot of pain. I don’t think people realized how ill he was,” the rep continued, but “doctors expect a quick recovery.”

Nate Berkus will reportedly miss the taping of two episodes of his show, “The Nate Berkus Show” while he is on the mend. The show debuted back in September and has been doing pretty well thanks to Nate’s charm and talent (and I’m sure a little Oprah magic).

What do you guys think of Nate Berkus being hospitalized (or just Nate in general)? Have you ever had appendicitis? Let us know what you think and leave us some comment love below!

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3 Responses to “Nate Berkus Hospitalized”

  1. 1
    Shannon Says:

    My son had this a couple of years ago and he said he’s never felt as much pain in his life and this from a kid who had a major surgery when he was younger. I’ve heard woman say it’s equal to a natural child birth so I sort of know what it’s like my son was 24″ and 9.2 pounds.

  2. 2
    Liz Says:

    Nate my friend! I saw you on the Today show; you did great inspite of being in pain. Speedy recovery!

  3. 3

    just want to wish Nate a speedy recovery, also I love his new show. Keep up the good work