Neal McDonough: Scoundrels actor fired for refusing sex scenes

April 2, 2010
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Actor Neal McDonough has been fired from ABC’s Scoundrels after refusing to do sex scenes with co-star Virginia Madsen. Keep reading to find out more, see photos and video.

Neal McDonough

Former Desperate Housewives’ actor Neal McDonough was dropped from Scoundrels because he refused to take part in sex scenes with co star Virginia Madsen. After his reaction, the network decided to replace the actor with David James Elliot. It was fast! Neal was replaced after three days working on the set.

The news is a total surprise even though the 44 year-old Band of Brothers’ actor is a Catholic family man who has previously declined to engage in this kind of steamy sex scenes with co stars. According to reports, McDonough didn’t want to film love scenes during season 5 of Desperate Housewives with co-star Nicolette Sheridan and denied to do it with his co stars in NBC’s Boomtown and Medical Investigation.

Neal McDonough is a married family man, his wife is Ruvé Robertson. The couple have three children, a 4 year-old son, Morgan Patrick and two beautiful daughters, Catherine, 2, and London Jane born on January 11 this year. You can see his lovely family in the pictures below. Some reports claims McDonough decided not to film those steamy scenes with co stars because he is attached to his principles and respects his family.

But this decision will cost McDonough approximately $1 million in paydays for the series, reports Deadline. In fact, ‘his decision has cost him jobs’, said a source to the website. The ABC’s “Scoundrels” is based on a New Zealand series called Outrageous Fortune about a “criminal family’s mother who make a determination to go straight after her husband is sent to prison”.

Obviously, when an actor – in Hollywood – reacts like that, everybody has something to say. Some people think it’s a kind of publicity move, others support actor’s decision. What do you think about it?

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3 Responses to “Neal McDonough: Scoundrels actor fired for refusing sex scenes”

  1. 1
    standbyyourfaith Says:

    Way to go Neal. It is refreshing to see principles in Unholywood.

  2. 2
    Ofreo Says:

    The guy is a bit weird looking, like one of those pedo hypocrite priests that say they aren’t gay but are banging all the choir boys they can……. but that is not the point…

    He is an ACTOR, that mean he is pretending to be someone else, so it is not him doing it and should not affect his life. If he was really moral, he would not have accepted the jobs in the first place, or at least explained fully what he would not do. It’s not like there is no sex on TV so he should not be surprised they are asking him to do it. I would sue him if I was the production company, he cost them money by not being honest.

  3. 3
    GraF Says:

    Good guy of which there are few, especially in his line of work. I can just imagine the types that would sneer at him for that.