Neil Patrick Harris – “Glee” Bound?

February 28, 2010
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FOX’s new hit show “Glee” has the ability to make you want to get up, sing and dance, while letting you dive in to the drama of a high school Glee club.

Neil Patrick Harris

Star of “How I Met Your Mother”, Neil Patrick Harris, is said to be making an appearance on the musical show.

However, you should be warned that if you were hoping on Harris playing a good guy – you very well may be disappointed. An insider told E!:

“[He will be] much more of the Dr. Horrible variety than Doogie Howser, M.D.”.

No news yet as to when his cameo episode will air, however, Glee does return from its hiatus on April 13th. Neil has proven to be quite the busy guy. It has been announced that he’ll be taking over the director’s seat for a little while this summer.

NPH will be directing the musical, “Rent” in August of this summer. He’s doing it for the Hollywood Bowl’s Weekend Spectacular which will run from August 6-8th. If you’re wondering why Neil Patrick Harris would be chosen to fill the director’s spot for “Rent” this summer, it’s because he actually has some experience with the musical.

In 1997, Harris played the role of lead character, Marc Cohen. He performed for it in Los Angeles and then went on a national tour. So, it’s safe to say he’s qualified for the job!

Neil is also known for the work he did on the 2008 short film, “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog”, which is referenced in the quote above. In this film, he played the role of supervillain, Dr. Horrible. It actually did pretty well, and was named by ‘Time’ magazine as the #15 greatest invention of 2008.

Can’t wait to see what kind of diabolical role Neil will be playing on “Glee.” I’m sure it’ll be good! Tune in to FOX on April 13th, for the return of “Glee.”

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