NeNe Leakes Should Pick Another Charity

May 9, 2011
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If you’ve followed NeNe Leakes on RHOA, you know about the verbal beat downs that she can unleash—but for some reason I thought she might have acted differently on a show dedicated to charity work.

NeNe Leakes

Sadly, the loud, head shaking, combative side of NeNe was on display loud and proud during most of this season of The Celebrity Apprentice. Her antics came to a head when she decided to ditch the show in the middle of a project.

Her final appearance as a contestant on the show aired last night on NBC, which ended abruptly after she claims Donald Trump disrespected her by rearranging the teams. She literally walked-off the show, leaving her team mates wondering what the heck happened.

Viewers have seen the beef between her and Star Jones build up over the last few episodes, with a major blow-up on last week’s episode right in front of Trump.

For me, the details are unimportant. Whether or not Star was being manipulative and plotting, or whether or not NeNe was the antagonist just doesn’t matter. That’s all typical of reality TV. One side blames the other, both blame the pressure of the producers and being video taped 24 hours a day. Blah, blah, blah…

The real problem lies in NeNe’s charity of choice. She is apparently involved in a group called My Sister’s House for Women Against Domestic Abuse. We all know that emotional and verbal abuse are a big part of domestic violence, yet that is pretty much NeNe’s specialty.

The way she raises her voice and gets in people’s faces is not just low class, but it could be considered a form of abuse. Sure, the people she berates aren’t in a domestic setting with her like a husband or wife, but I still think her charity should give her the boot for setting a bad example.

In many ways, her spot on the show makes her the face of her charity, and I’m pretty certain they don’t want a loud, aggressive, threatening woman playing that part.

Someone needs to teach this lady how to use her ‘inside voice.’ Most of us learned it in kindergarten…

Your thoughts?

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