New Cast On Grey’s Anatomy

October 6, 2008
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Some new changes to the cast of Grey’s Anatomy are on the way! Get the details below with photos and video after the jump.

Coming this November producers of Grey’s Anatomy are making some great and promising cast changes to the hit show’s line-up. The series, already on its fifth season, will be adding more drama and love twists with two new female docs and one male!

Joining the series will be Kevin McKidd. The new doctor will play Dr. Owen Hunt, a military doctor, and love interest of Cristina Yang’s. It’s about time they give Sandra Oh a love life!

The two new fictional female doctors, that have been tapped for recurring roles, will make their debut entrance at the same time. Mary McDonnell, of Battlestar Gallactica origins, will play a visiting surgeon.

Melissa George, known for her role on Alias, will play an intern. George is also rumored to be the cause of some future problems in the Callie and Erica scenario!

As for the current character situation, Shonda Rhimes, creator of Grey’s Anatomy, promises to keep Derek and Meredith together! I’m sure with a few bumps in the road for dramatic flare!

More photos and a video of the cast of Grey’s Anatomy are below.

Grey’s Anatomy Video


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