Nick Lachey, Vanessa Minnillo St. Barts Honeymoon

July 22, 2011
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Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo’s St.Barts honeymoon looks spectacular. The couple is clearly in love, and enjoying the start of their life together.

nick lachey

It is kind of sad that there are paparazzi following them around, but it looks like they could care less. Heck, they probably called them! There is no touching a couple this hot!

The couple, who married in a small private ceremony in front of 35 close family and friends (and TLC cameras) on July 15th, have been spotted all over the tropical island, laying out on yachts, sipping on drinks, basically living the dream. And they certainly look good doing it. Nick and Vanessa have clearly been hitting the gym to get in tip top shape for their wedding!

“We’re lucky to have such passionate and loving fans, and we thought partnering with TLC on this special would be the best way to share the exciting journey we’re on with all the people that support us and our relationship,” Lachey and Minnillo said in a statement.

I think kids are in the near future for this couple, as it is a desire they have both expressed in the past. Now what is holding them back?

Next up – Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson. I wonder if she will be hitting up any TV stations to film her big day?

It is kind of weird that nick and Jessica are getting married so close together. It still makes me sad that these two didn’t make it. Damn Papa Joe. For such goody goody girls, they sure divorced quick. What happened to making it work?

The TLC special, Nick and Vanessa’s Dream Wedding which will air on July 30. You can see some pics of their honeymoon and bachelor/ette parties here.

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