Nikole ‘Nikayla’ Baldomero (Photos): Aspiring Actress Found Hanged

July 22, 2010
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Nikole ‘Nikayla’ Baldomero photos are in high demand following what authorities believe may have been a double suicide attempt carried out by the aspiring actress and her apparent lover. Get the shocking story here, and see photos and video below.

Nikole Nikayla Baldomero Photos

First, let me start by reporting that she is alive, but in critical condition. Her supposed boyfriend Joseph Brown, was not so fortunate. Both were found hanged in a park in Parkland, Florida early Monday morning.

The tragic tale of what appears to be two lovers making an attempt at their own lives is circulating the web this week. But how could it come to this?

There were a few disturbing Facebook entries posted by both Brown and Baldomero in the hours leading up to the incident. One that stands out read “Momma, its not your fault.” Those words were reportedly posted to Brown’s Facebook page around 5AM the morning of the hanging. The night before, he even wrote “You’ll be sorry when I’m gone.”

Another post alluding to suicide was published about four hours before a jogger found them. This time it was apparently written by Nikole, who said that she was at “peace.” (See Nikole ‘Nikayla’ Baldomero photos at the bottom of the story).

Obviously friends and relatives didn’t see it coming. In fact, they had every reason to believe that the two were doing well. Nikole even recently landed a role in a Superhero movie spoof called “Lucky Streak And The Crime Fighters.”

Joseph had recently been struggling to find work, but friends claim he seemed to be coping well enough. An ex-girlfriend of his a was quoted in local newspaper, saying:

“He was smart and charming. He had some rough patches, but we all thought he would pull through.”

Very tragic. Hopefully Nikole can fully recover and get the help she needs to live a fulfilling life.

Check out Nikole ‘Nikayla’ Baldomero photos below.

Nikole Nikayla Baldomero Photos

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12 Responses to “Nikole ‘Nikayla’ Baldomero (Photos): Aspiring Actress Found Hanged”

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  1. 1
    donna Says:

    it is a terrible this has happend but the young girl is alive and in hospital my thoughts go out mr browns family and close freinds

  2. 2
    jennifer Says:

    From other reports that I have read on this horrible event – this article seems to be missing the big link between these two young people and drug addiction? Growing up in that area of south florida I can certainly attest that percription and designer drugs are a huge problem and too many young people are getting caught up, ruining or ending their lives.

    My thoughts are with the victims, their family and friends.

  3. 3
    Samantha Baldomero Says:

    This is my sister. It wasnt Her that decided to do this. She was stuck in this life with this new boyfriend who convinced her to go to other side with him. All these reports on how stupid a suicide is and all the crap needs to stop. No one knows what really happened so lies about fights and stupid stuff need to stop

  4. 4
    Rochelle Baldomero Says:

    Thoughts go out to brown and his family? what about our family? she is in a coma and in critical condition, she had a future went to collage was social and was starting a singing career in LA, this Brown kid has been suicidal since january he apparently does not give two rats …. about his life, she on the other hand was convinced to take her life with his, and may never be a functioning person again! Which is worse? a drug addict who kills himself in the park? or the raver lost in a k hole convinced to commit suicide and left a vegitable? Joeseph Brown may burn in hot coals underground. I LOVE MY BIG SISTER. and the most tradgic part of this is i never met her, she found me and my sister on myspace five years ago, searched for us even… and now that im finally going to see her its under these circumstances…. quit talking smack about something you people have no idea about, your pathetic

  5. 5
    Megan Smith Says:

    Everything Samantha and Rochelle are saying is true. Nikayla was full of life, a beautiful person inside and out, and the greatest friend you could ask for. Stop making her look like some suicidal druggie slut…when she is NEITHER OF THE THREE! I agree that no way would she come up with this idea, and she was just very vulnerable when he suggested it. Clearly HE wanted to make a statement and what better way than to make it look like they were “star-crossed lovers” and convince a beautiful girl with everything going for her into it? I remember when she found you guys…Samantha and Rochelle…she was so excited at the fact of having little sisters. This guy was a dirtbag and while of course I feel awful for his family and friends, HE decided his fate long ago… Nikayla’s family and friends are the ones who need the prayers so she may pull through this and wake up with normal brain functioning, back to the Nikayla we all know and love.

  6. 6
    Rachelle Says:

    What a sad sad tragedy.

  7. 7
    Patty Lee Says:

    She died this morning. 7/27/2010

  8. 8
    Sara Says:

    I am so sorry for all of you.. I knew her…I went to high school with her… I was friends with her… I am deeply saddened by this… Everything that people are saying is wrong and unfair… Bless her… She was full of life, loved people, life, her family… I saw her the day before Ultra Fest when she came into Sally’s Beauty Supply and bought some hair dye and other supplies that she needed… This is a terrible shame and again I am deeply sorry for her family and other friends. You’re all in my prayers…

  9. 9
    Monica Canales Says:

    I am so sorry for both families. I don’t know anyone involved but I can feel their pain. It is a tragedy to loose love ones, especially when they were so young. May they both rest in peace and may God comfort all their family members and friends.

  10. 10
    Carrie Myerson Says:

    I am so so sad. I don’t think that anyone can talk badly about anyone in this situation. I am friends with Aunt Diana. So many people are hurting and need healing from this. My father committed suicide and if you haven’t experienced it (suicide) first hand please don’t be cruel to those that need healing. You never heal from this, you just learn how to live with it.

    Nikki is with the Lord now and won’t feel anymore pain. Please be kind to those that need the kindness. Nikki WILL be missed…..

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