Octomom’s Dr. Drew Interview Takes Shocking Turn

July 29, 2011
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In an interview with Octomom, Dr. Drew Pinksy managed to draw out some scandalous claims that have some doing a double take. But what does he truthfully believe?


She is one of the most scandal-ridden non-celebrities out there. Sure, she has made a name for herself by doing a few interviews and magazine covers, but for the most part Nadya Suleman has a lot of haters.

Most consider her to be a bad mother, or that she somehow got overzealous while trying to get pregnant and ended up with a litter.

Her latest scandal involved a claim that she admitted to not liking kids, and even called them “disgusting.”

This week, we were granted the opportunity to hear it all from the horse’s mouth, thanks to an appearance she did on Dr. Drew’s CNN show.

As usual, his calm demeanor and understanding personality immediately broke down Suleman’s barriers, which allowed them to get right to business.

Perhaps the biggest revelation (if you could call it that), is that she claimed to be drugged and somehow duped into signing the consent for the procedure that eventually led to her birthing octuplets.

She told him that she was actually drugged by Dr. Kamrava, who gave her “valium and other drugs,” before having her sign the form giving him permission to implant twelve embryos. She says that she didn’t even really read what he gave her to sign, and that she was taken advantage of.

Well, was Dr. Drew buying that story?

He didn’t specifically say whether or not he thought it was true, but he did offer some sympathy for Suleman:

“As usual the cartoon figure in the media spotlight is always different than the human being.”

I guess having his license to practice medicine suspended could be a sign, eh?

What do you think, was Octomom’s Dr. Drew interview done in truth? Or is she trying to pass the buck? Watch a portion of it below.

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