Oprah Winfrey Chimp Victim Doesn’t Recall Attack (Charla Nash Video)

November 11, 2009
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Charla Nash is the victim of a highly publicized attack by Travis the Chimp, a chimpanzee. She appears November 11th on Oprah Winfrey. Chimp victim “doesn’t recall attack” unfortunately which makes the Oprah interview less compelling, but you can see the video below.

Charla Nash Picture Chimp Victim

Read details of Charla Nash’s life below, see her photos, and see the Oprah interview on video as well.

As a biography Charla Nash is a 56 year old woman born November 10th, 1953. She was living in Stamford Connecticut when attacked by Travis the Chimp on February 16 2009.

The incident left her blinded with horrific facial lacerations. At 210 pounds the chimp was the size of a large man. It ripped off her nose and hands, and caused other significant damage to her face.

The chimp’s owner named Sandy Herold was her friend. She stabbed the chimp repeatedly with a kitchen knife, and he was soon after shot be police who arrived on the scene.

While in the hospital Charla Nash battled for her life. A team of specialists worked tireless to save her and pieced together what they could of her extremities. A trust fund was set up for her benefit in which the public donated money to her situation.

She tells Oprah that she has no memory of the attack. All she remembers is waking up from a coma in the hospital to hear that she was mauled by a chimpanzee. At least that is what she tells Oprah Winfrey. Chimp victim doesn’t recall attack? Wow!

Charla Nash Picture Chimp Victim 1
Charla Nash Photos

Charla Nash on Oprah Video

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  1. 11
    Malia Smith Says:

    Unfortunately it was not all the chimp’s fault. The owner had just given him some Prozac (or something similiar) to camp him down that morning. She gave him the wrong dosage which in turn threw him into a rampage. If she hadn’t given him this medication this may not have happened at all!

  2. 12
    mabi Says:

    karlllll..suck suck

  3. 13
    michael stuthers Says:

    The chump “owner” the chimp “the unfortunate” and the infamous cop “THE HERO UNLOADING HIS GUN” Typical ending.

  4. 14
    Debra Berry Says:

    I feel bad for this lady, but really wonder what she was doing in that home in the first place. This was not the first time Travis had behaved aggressively. He’s an adult male chimp that should have been donated to a zoo or wildlife rescue group years ago. He might have been the size of a large man, but had the strength of several large men. The strongest professional athlete wouldn’t stand a chance in a fight with him. She’s lucky she escaped with her life; that chimp might have killed both her and the owner.

  5. 15
    andy Says:

    The chimp went ape and had to be eliminated. No big deal, the same as you would with a rabid dog. The owner of the chimp deserves to have her face ripped off for being so stupid.

    Lawsuits!? Heck yeah… sue the chimp owner for every nickel she ever had.

  6. 16
    amanda Says:

    I’m curious to know if the woman called the proper animal control before calling her friend.If my dog got out I wouldn’t be calling my friend, I’d be calling the local dog catcher to help lure him back. I’m disturbed by the events that took place, but I’m sure it could have been a lot worse. Could you imagine what the chimp would have done to a defenseless child? I’m sure the reaction to the attack would have had a different response from the public then! I blame the owner of the chimp 100% If you know your animal is out of control, call the correct people the first time and have it put down or relocated to the proper environment, please!!!

  7. 17
    Le Dude Says:

    I am Le Dude. I am a chimp. Here’s to all chimps!!! Heyyyyy!!! *guzzles some booze, then hiccups*

    Anyway, Le Dude digs sexy chimps.

  8. 18
    Le Dude Says:

    Whoa … Le Dude is getting drunk. *staggers, sways, falls from a tree branch onto the ground* Here I am, drinking for all us chimps out there … There’s a lot of us chimps. We’re champs. Chimp champs. Champ chimps. *busts out laughing in a drunken stupor, then takes another swig*

    Anyway, any sexy chimps out there today?! I’d like to do some, um, fun things. And i don’t just mean swing from a tire if you know what I mean. *winks*

  9. 19
    Ed Says:


    You had me until your animal bleeding hearts comment. Keep your politics out of it if you want to say something of value.

  10. 20
    Liann Says:

    lol, maybe Karl doesn’t consider himself human!

    Keith… very interesting

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