Oprah Winfrey Chimp Victim Doesn’t Recall Attack (Charla Nash Video)

November 11, 2009
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Charla Nash is the victim of a highly publicized attack by Travis the Chimp, a chimpanzee. She appears November 11th on Oprah Winfrey. Chimp victim “doesn’t recall attack” unfortunately which makes the Oprah interview less compelling, but you can see the video below.

Charla Nash Picture Chimp Victim

Read details of Charla Nash’s life below, see her photos, and see the Oprah interview on video as well.

As a biography Charla Nash is a 56 year old woman born November 10th, 1953. She was living in Stamford Connecticut when attacked by Travis the Chimp on February 16 2009.

The incident left her blinded with horrific facial lacerations. At 210 pounds the chimp was the size of a large man. It ripped off her nose and hands, and caused other significant damage to her face.

The chimp’s owner named Sandy Herold was her friend. She stabbed the chimp repeatedly with a kitchen knife, and he was soon after shot be police who arrived on the scene.

While in the hospital Charla Nash battled for her life. A team of specialists worked tireless to save her and pieced together what they could of her extremities. A trust fund was set up for her benefit in which the public donated money to her situation.

She tells Oprah that she has no memory of the attack. All she remembers is waking up from a coma in the hospital to hear that she was mauled by a chimpanzee. At least that is what she tells Oprah Winfrey. Chimp victim doesn’t recall attack? Wow!

Charla Nash Picture Chimp Victim 1
Charla Nash Photos

Charla Nash on Oprah Video

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70 Responses to “Oprah Winfrey Chimp Victim Doesn’t Recall Attack (Charla Nash Video)”

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  1. 31
    Mike Says:

    I don’t get it – people that hold wild animals in captivity need to learn that these animals are not domestic pets – their instincts are to survive and fight for their territory. I feel worse for the Chimp than I do for this person. Not to sound morbid, but that Chimp should have not been killed because of one person’s stupidity! I think that Trust Fund should be allocated towards the preservation and protection of Chimps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 32
    Cathy Says:

    Karl – Can we start with you?

  3. 33
    Jordan Says:

    Humans are the worst. Animals are innocent.

  4. 34
    steve Says:

    Wild animals are just that…..wild animals! They live by instinct in a world in which they are born and are a part of a specific culture. They behave as they need to in their culture. Humans have their own world and culture and the cultures of wild animals and humans cannot be successfully integrated.
    In essence, leave wild animals in the wild….it’s where they belong!

  5. 35
    pam Says:

    i think this women was dumb she shouldn’t even have had that chimp she will learn from her mistakes

  6. 36
    Le Dude Says:

    C’mon everyone! Who here agrees with Le Dude?!

    Sounds to me that he holds the unique position of being able to clearly deliver the primate perspective. Plus, he sounds intelligent and makes very interesting points.

    My vote is for Le Dude!

  7. 37
    Ted Says:

    Justified killing is a justified killing, if a monkey attacked one monkey and then a bunch of other monkeys came to help the monkey being attacked, and then the attacking monkey died because of it, it would be just as justified as in the context involved with humans. (read it slowly, I know)

  8. 38
    Gary Hiigel Says:

    Feel for the chimp, he is a wild animal no matter what the lady gave him or how long he has been “domesticated”.

    Humans are the most aggressive animal on the planet; we are not civalized. Look at the Headlin news every day to see that. The daeth toll in Iraq abd Afghanistan?? How many have to die.

    Religon is by far the tops for killing people in the name of God.

  9. 39
    Cooltraveler Says:

    And so are 75% of humans(monkeys)…
    humans are the worst the animal kingdom brings and needs to be eradicated…

    Apparently, some humans hate their own species. Dont usually find that in the animal kingdom,a new low for some humans. If you hate the human race so bad, and needs to be eradicated,by all means, you go guy, you first.

  10. 40
    nic rossouw Says:

    it would be great if people would know the facts before spouting off on these forums. the woman who was attacked was trying to help the moron owner of the chimp get it to return home. the owner was not injured. i have incredible sympathy for the chimp, who should have been able to live as a wild animal and for the woman who was attacked who suffered horrible trauma as a reward for trying to be a good citizen.

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