Oprah Winfrey Chimp Victim Doesn’t Recall Attack (Charla Nash Video)

November 11, 2009
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Charla Nash is the victim of a highly publicized attack by Travis the Chimp, a chimpanzee. She appears November 11th on Oprah Winfrey. Chimp victim “doesn’t recall attack” unfortunately which makes the Oprah interview less compelling, but you can see the video below.

Charla Nash Picture Chimp Victim

Read details of Charla Nash’s life below, see her photos, and see the Oprah interview on video as well.

As a biography Charla Nash is a 56 year old woman born November 10th, 1953. She was living in Stamford Connecticut when attacked by Travis the Chimp on February 16 2009.

The incident left her blinded with horrific facial lacerations. At 210 pounds the chimp was the size of a large man. It ripped off her nose and hands, and caused other significant damage to her face.

The chimp’s owner named Sandy Herold was her friend. She stabbed the chimp repeatedly with a kitchen knife, and he was soon after shot be police who arrived on the scene.

While in the hospital Charla Nash battled for her life. A team of specialists worked tireless to save her and pieced together what they could of her extremities. A trust fund was set up for her benefit in which the public donated money to her situation.

She tells Oprah that she has no memory of the attack. All she remembers is waking up from a coma in the hospital to hear that she was mauled by a chimpanzee. At least that is what she tells Oprah Winfrey. Chimp victim doesn’t recall attack? Wow!

Charla Nash Picture Chimp Victim 1
Charla Nash Photos

Charla Nash on Oprah Video

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  1. 41
    lordswild Says:

    Ms Nash decided that it was “ok”, safe, fine, etc for her to be around the chimp–she accepted that responsibility and any consequences should be hers.

    I believe she might not remember because she is or was suffering from dissociative fugue–a state in which the trauma, fear is so great that the mind in essence shuts down for protection from the fearful feelings.

    A husband and wife team are representing her.

  2. 42
    Gen Says:

    I too feel bad for the chimp and the woman who was attacked. I’m amazed she survived. I don’t think she fully realized the potential danger. No one should be keeping these wild animals as house pets – they are not domesticated. I fault the owner of this chimp, of course for keeping it to begin with -but more so for not immediately calling Animal Control when it was obvious something was very wrong with him. Then she stupidly decides to act like a Vet. and take it upon herself to give it some of her Prescription Meds! Now she needs Prison Time for her negligence and stupidity. And I wish people would stop trying to own such animals that so clearly belong in the wild and not in our homes.

  3. 43
    TB Says:

    Sue the owner not the city…ridiculous suit. I hope she gets nothing. I suspect we are already picking up the bill for her enormous medical bills.

  4. 44
    Trin Says:

    The Chimp is a wild animal, I don’t care home domesticated they felt it was… and then people freak out when these wild animals attack.. It’s common sense people. They are wild animals to be left in the wild, not to be brougt up as freaking house pets. I feel bad for the chimp!

  5. 45
    Ger Says:


    I like your thought and think you should take the lead an off yourself first.

  6. 46
    Lily Says:

    First and foremost, my heart goes out to Charla!
    It is unforgivable, that if there was already warnings over the chimp’s crazy behavior and having the need to get tranquilizers… the authorities or the vet did not take this animal away, before it would hurt/kill anyone!!! And the owner of the chimp, never should have taken a chance, exposing people and herself to such danger!!! This woman (owner of chimp) should dedicate the rest of her life to care and provide for her friend Charla, after being the sole responsible of this tragedy.
    They talk about banning guns, but they should also consider banning wild animals that are meant for the circus, the zoo or a movie set, from living as home pets. Whatever happened to having your typical cat, dog or bird as a pet? What is this crazy need to have animals that at any time can and will turn on people? The instinct of an animal is unpredictable, and more so if the size of that animal will present clear danger, and will place you at a disadvantage, if the need for a fight sould take place.
    There’s got to be a law pass immediately in all 50 States to prohibit having as pets wild or so called “exotic” animals!
    Again, all my best for Charla’s recovery, as well as her supportive family, and may God give Charla the courage to move forward in life in the best possible way!

  7. 47
    vic Says:

    as i recall when this story first broke, after the chimp was killed the owner was very upset about that (seemed more so than what happened to her friend)but on the 911 tape she is screaming to the operator to have the police bring their guns to shoot him….what did she think they should do, try and get their own faces ripped off???? she is a moron and should be prosecuted as such and yes the victim deserves way more than 100 million her life will never be the same, who gives a shit about the chimp!!!!!

  8. 48
    Roy Says:

    I wish Travis was still around to rip Oprah’s face off.

  9. 49
    dru Says:

    poor karl, humans need to be eradicated uhh, he should be first to step up to the plate, thats the most ignorant thing a human can say about his own king. sure the chimp should not have been concidered a pet, humans have made the mistake of making wild animals pets, and unfortunately both have paid a horrific price, more so for the animals, we want to save animals, give them better treatment when in captivity, but as long as we chose to go see animals in captivity or even in movies these incidents will continue, humans arent to smart when it comes to wild animals, some humans who like karl prove, ignorance and stupidity is strictly a human trait

  10. 50
    JJ Jones Says:

    I’m just go ape when I watch the Oprah.

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