Oprah’s Sister Patricia Revealed As Family Secret (VIDEO)

January 24, 2011
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Who is Oprah’s sister? Patricia (no last name given) was revealed on the air this week as ‘O’ broke out a major family secret. But what took so long?


It turns out that the Queen of daytime television had two half-sisters with the same name. The first one died tragically of a drug overdose in 2003, which made big headlines.

Now that yet another woman with the same name has been revealed as her second half-sister, many online publications have errantly published the last name of the deceased; Patricia Lloyd, when it fact the living sister’s full name has yet to be revealed. Confused yet?

Celebuzz has the shocking full story!

Either way, big ‘O’ sat in front of her audience this week to divulge a big Winfrey family secret. She explained that last Thanksgiving she was blown away to learn that she had another mystery relative. This time, it would be a 47-year-old woman who was apparently put up for adoption by the media mogul’s mother back in the sixties:

“It is true that my mother is also Patricia’s birth mother. That means Patricia is my half sister who I never knew existed.”

After doing some research, the woman managed to learn that she was related to one of the biggest names in television, but chose not to make a big deal about it for fear of damaging Oprah’s successful career.

The last few months have been full of revelations about the popular talk show host. Most recently, she came forward with the tragic story of her own teenage pregnancy, which ended in an apparent miscarriage. Now this.

I suppose she is now filling in the pages of the tragic life story that she always claimed to have. What’s next?

For more on the story of Oprah’s sister Patricia, visit Huffington Post. See video of the on air reveal below. Did you even know about the first sister, Patricia Lloyd?

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One Response to “Oprah’s Sister Patricia Revealed As Family Secret (VIDEO)”

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    Neka S Says:

    Whoever wrote this story is well uninformed and should check their facts before publishing garbage. Oprah did not have an “apparent miscarriage”, the baby died. Also, yes her true fans knew about her deceased sister Patricia Lloyd. Please dont write stories with misinformation and claim to be a journalist–it makes you look reallyyyyyy stupid!