Pamela McMahon is Ed McMahon’s Wife

June 23, 2009
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Famed TV personality Ed McMahon has passed away, leaving behind his wife Pamela McMahon. Read more about her here.

Pamela McMahon

Pamela McMahon

Ed McMahon, probably best known for his role on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, died this week. He was 86. Sadly, though, before his passing, there were a number of reports outlining his financial troubles, some even blaming his wife Pam McMahon and her spending habits.

The first highly publicized reports of the couple’s financial troubles came when their multi-million dollar house almost went into foreclosure. When asked about their troubles, Pam simply said:

“Over the years, it’s a combination of maybe Ed working so hard and not looking at proper management. We didn’t keep our eye on the ball. We made mistakes.”

Interestingly enough, they lived in the same gated community as Britney Spears, whom Ed practically discovered on Star Search during his years as the host.

One source reports that she had run up a $750,000 credit card bill, and there was even a lawsuit with the company, Citibank, for upwards of $200,000. Around the time of the suit, Pamela claims she was forced to shop at discount stores to make ends meet. Do you think she’s that type of person? Check out the video below and judge for yourself.

There is not much of a biography available for her, but here’s what we know. They married nearly 16 years ago. As you can tell from the picture, she is much younger than Ed was. Pam is 53 years old, making her 33 years younger than her famous husband Ed. She was his 3rd wife.

Ed McMahon is a war hero and an American television icon—he will be missed.

See photos and video of the couple below.

Pamela McMahonPamela McMahon
Pamela McMahon Photos

Pamela McMahon Video



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