Paris Hilton Reportedly Unfazed By Cocaine Arrest

August 29, 2010
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Paris Hilton’s cocaine arrest may not have been all that shocking, but it has become the primary celeb news story of the week. But for Paris, sources say, it’s just not that serious. See her mugshot photo below.

TMZ reports that she’s just not fazed by the whole thing. The outlets claims a “source” who had recent contact with her told them she is “not worried about it” and that she “doesn’t think it’s a big deal at all.”

Today we learned more about exactly why she and her boyfriend were pulled over in the first place. Authorities told CNN that the SUV was stopped because police could smell marijuana coming from the vehicle. It was during the subsequent search that they discovered a small amount of cocaine in a purse that was believed to belong to Paris Hilton.

Now there’s plenty to lampoon the heiress about; being famous for nothing, saying ‘that’s hot,’ too much, and even being snubbed out of much of the family fortune. But even the most voracious Paris-hater may be able to find some sympathy for her after the week she’s having.

It began with a double-knife wielding man trying to break into her house, and it ended with a late-night cocaine arrest in Vegas—a week that even a socialite such as Paris may not soon forget.

Maybe she has a perfectly good reason not to be freaked out by it. It was revealed yesterday that she has lawyered-up big time, hiring Vegas attorney David Chesnoff. You may also recall that she just recently dodged the bullet in South Africa after allegedly being nabbed with a small amount of marijuana.

Maybe she could write a book about how to avoid charges after getting arrested for drug possession?

Check out some photos and video related to Paris Hilton’s cocaine arrest below. What are your thoughts?

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3 Responses to “Paris Hilton Reportedly Unfazed By Cocaine Arrest”

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    roy bell Says:

    IS’NT SHE DEAD!!!!!!! YET?

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    ibrabiga Says:

    thank you every ba

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    roy bell Says:

    by the way, are those extensions? i can’t tell.