Partridge Family Reunion: Susan Dey A No Show

March 2, 2010
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The Partridge Family reunion took place today, minus Susan Dey. The Today Show held the Partridge Family reunion, but viewers were left wondering what happened to Susan Dey. Find out why she didn’t attend and see the video along with pictures here.

Susan Dey

All were in attendance for the Today Show’s Partridge Family reunion as part of their “Great TV Families Reunited” series. All but Dey.

But this seems to be the norm for these reunions. Eight Is Enough star Adam Rich was the missing cast member in that reunion, while the Brady Bunch reunion was completely canceled because of Maureen McCormick and Eve Plumb’s alleged feud.

There was no reason given for Dey’s absence on the Today Show reunion, nor did anyone talk about her. There are rumors that it was because of old romantic feelings that she had for David, which were never reciprocated. That seems so juvenile, so I doubt the accuracy. However the attending members, Cassidy, Bonaduce, Forster, and Crough all seemed happy to be there and visit with one another.

The Partridge Family aired from 1970 to 1974, and it seems as though those four years brought this cast close together.

After the show went off the air, Dey went on to star in L.A. Law and Third Watch. She earned a Golden Globe in 1987 for her role on L.A. Law, and was nominated in the four years following. From 1987-1989 she was also nominated for an Emmy for the same role. She has kept a perfect balance of fame and privacy throughout her career, making wise decisions and straying away from the wild side of Hollywood life that many actors have fallen into.

We have video of the Partridge Family reunion from the Today Show posted below, along with a gallery of pictures of Dey. Please enjoy and leave your comments below. Why do you think Dey missed the reunion?

Susan DeySusan Dey Susan Dey 1Susan Dey 2Susan Dey 4


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