Rachel Brown: Hell’s Kitchen Contestant Suicide (VIDEO)

September 28, 2010
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Rachel Brown, Hell’s Kitchen contestant, committed suicide back in 2007. She is back in the news this week after yet another reality chef ended their life. Get the story here, and see photos and video below.

Brown was found dead in Texas of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound roughly one year after being eliminated from the FOX reality show. Her body was discovered by family members on May 9th, 2007.

Her death is now being sucked back into the news cycle after a chef from another of Ramsay’s shows ‘Kitchen Nightmares,’ was found dead this week. His body turned up in the Hudson River after authorities suspect he threw himself from the George Washington Bridge.

Surely those with a sick sense of humor will find it ironic that two individuals who were featured on television alongside the sharp-tongued British chef have taken their own lives. But, naturally, there is more to the story than that.

Rachel Brown’s Hell’s Kitchen appearance was actually a sort of landmark in reality television. The openly gay chef found romance with another woman during the series—something producers didn’t shy away from including in the episodes. And while the inner-turmoil that led to her suicide has not been made public, it’s safe to assume it wasn’t a result of being booted from the show.

Joseph Cerniglia, on the other hand, was featured on ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ in 2007, where he admitted to being nearly $100,000 in debt. As part of the show’s premise, Ramsay helps restaurateurs clean up their act in an effort to return to profitability. The episode Cerniglia was featured on leaves the viewer hopeful that he could dig his way out of the mess, and maybe even thrive once again.

Recent reports state that his restaurant was actually doing quite well. Our thoughts go out to his family.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on Rachel Brown, Hell’s Kitchen contestant below.

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6 Responses to “Rachel Brown: Hell’s Kitchen Contestant Suicide (VIDEO)”

  1. 1
    Lee Nading Says:

    With the benefit of hindsight following two suicides, perhaps IT IS TIME for Ramsay to explain to his ‘problem chefs,’ in the strictest privacey and behind the scenes, that it is perfectly acceptable for a person to go out of business, and live on NEXT TO NOTHING until they can decide what to do next…and that doing so is appropriate to the American entreprenuerial tradition !! (Admittedly, this might go down easier if it is told to an American by another American.)

  2. 2
    T Dog Says:

    To say that there is any correlation between these two individuals interaction with Gorden Ramsay and there deaths is absolutely ludicrous. People face situations on a daily basis that drive them to make a permanent decision about a temporary problem and it is very unfortunate. I believe that most folks take there lives after a series of events and let downs in there lives. Unfortunately now a days it seems to have more to do with financial reasons than anything else. I pray for both of the deceased families and Mr. Ramsay. The whole situation is a damn shame!

  3. 3
    Jonesy Says:

    Why not blame the d-bag “I have a doctorate…in music” guy for the suicide of Rachel Brown. Thanks for reminding me what a dork that guy was. BTW, this is from a guy with a “do you have an MD? do you have a JD as well? well then you are less educated than me” double degree who still doesn’t use that to either belittle people (except those who think a music doctorate is on fire) or use that as an excuse to assault someone.

  4. 4
    spek1 Says:

    as Ramsey says “YOU’RE STILL TOO RAW! NOW FUCK OFF!”

  5. 5
    Wayne Sloane Says:

    Like 99 out of 100 “so called chefs”, Ramsey is an ass.

    Any person willing to participate in his shows is a fool. Ramseys’ programming is nothing but a social experiment. He has the money and the power, and can do whatever he wants. He does not have to answer to anyone, and he knows it.

    As long as there are fools willing to participate in his circus, he will continue to make millions.

    Does anyone know how many bodyguards he has? He needs them.

  6. 6
    adam Says:

    Everyone that thinks chef ramsey had anything to do with it your a bunch of idiots. Its all part of the show. Watch his shows from the uk. Completely different attitude.. Everyone has there problems. Sometimes people cant handle the stress in their lives and unfortunately they take their lives. My prayers go out to the families. I’m sure i would have enjoyed your food.