Ramona Singer: Wine Is OK – Music Video NOT So Much

July 14, 2011
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Ramona Singer claims that being in the Countesses music video would send the wrong message to her daughter. Oh, and turtle time and drinking wine every chance you get doesn’t? Is this lady off her rocker?

ramona singer

Of all things. I like Ramona. Most of the time. I actually like all of the ladies for the most part, but this is just ridiculous. Ramona of all people has done some stuff to really embarrass her daughter, and being in LuAnn’s music video would have been rather tame!

Have we forgotten all about kissing the Hooters guy while slurring her speech and making a fool of herself. PopEater even noted that the past three seasons of ‘The Real Housewives of New York City,’ has made Ramona’s obsession for Pinot Grigio a storyline all its own. Not to mention some of the outfits and lingerie she has wore on the show. I assure you, that is much more embarrassing to her daughter.

I mean okay, so she should be embarrassed about doing a music video. ALL THE WOMEN SHOULD. It is embarrassing. God, you can’t sing and you are old. That goes out to all the Housewives, Gretchen included, nix the old part. But for real. Leave the singing to the talented people.

Ramona needs to get control over herself. It is embarrassing watching her suck down wine all the time and throwing a tantrum when someone doesn’t have any. Drink some water lady! These women all act like spoiled children at some point on the show, and that is down right shameful.

Aside from my feelings on the matter, the music video did happen. So what I have to say is this: all of the ladies should have been there to support LuAnn, even if they didn’t agree with being in it. Show your supposed friend some support. It was rude.

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