Rat Pack Hangout Closes Due to Recession

April 1, 2010
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The once infamous casino Cal Neva Lodge will close its doors due to plummeting numbers. It is amazing to think of the plethora of stars and the like that have graced this place with their presence, once owned by Frank Sinatra. Continue reading for more details, including photos and video.

Frank Sinatra

Next Wednesday the gambling will stop. The resort owner will leave the other facilities open, and actually hopes that with some new management maybe it will be able to be reopened soon. We shall see.

As for now, one must face the facts. Apparently casinos in Lake Tahoe’s revenue was about half of what it was about a decade ago.

“The realities are when you have that kind of decline the weakest operators typically get pushed out,” Mr. Eadington said. “The older, tired casinos – and the Cal Neva is a great example – don’t have much to offer for gaming.”

It seems that you have to have a new approach to survive in this economy and can’t argue with the fact that things were looking gloomy at the former Rat Pack hangout.

Closes are never fun to hear about, but to think of all the memories that happened there, and the amount of history that the casino has makes it even worse. Marilyn Monroe spent the last weekend before her death there, the place was also frequented by Sammy Davis Jr., and was owned by Frank Sinatra from 1960-63. During that time it was thriving, but things just aren’t the same these days.

The other facilities, like the restaurant and showroom seem to be doing great during this time, which spurs the owner to think thing may turn around.

“We have worked hard to successfully stabilize business operations over the past year, and we are confident that an operator shift at the casino will only further enhance the value of the Cal Neva resort.”

Well I hope so because I hate to think that as the ex-Rat Pack hangout closes next week that it will be gone forever. What do you think about this landmark? Make sure to let me know, and check out these neat pictures and watch the video.

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