Househusbands of Hollywood

June 11, 2009
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Yes, it’s real. Fox Reality Channel will be premiering a new show on August 15th called Househusbands of Hollywood. Read more and see photos and video here.

grant reynolds

How do the husbands of the wealthy and well-to-do women in Hollywood occupy themselves while their wives are out raking it in? We’ve got a special sneak preview for you here.

Most people would assume that they sit on the couch drinking beer out of the can, tossing peanuts in their mouths while watching Ninja Warrior.

But you may be surprised to learn that they are dedicated househusbands, taking great care of their children.

Here is a brief description of Househusbands of Hollywood from a press release:

“(The show) showcases the lives of five men and their high-powered, bread-winning wives. This twist on traditional roles is quickly becoming a modern dilemma, and Fox Reality Channel has tapped into this evolving role-reversal phenomenon across the United States.”

The first episode shows an inside look at the lives of each househusband, starting with Grant Reynolds and Jillian Barberie. Reynolds stays home taking care of their daughter while his wife works a hectic schedule, appearing on live TV for a total of 15 hours a week.

There’s even a brief moment in the episode where Jillian and Grant’s daughter Ruby is seen clinging to her daddy, not wanting to be held by her mother. Jillian says it “hurts her feelings,” but that she understands it is a result of her schedule.

Celeb make-up artist Lisa Ashley says on the show that her husband Billy takes care of their two daughters and herself, including cooking and cleaning. Of the arrangement, Bill says “Is it traditional? No, but we’re making our own traditions.”

There’s even a moment where Billy Ashley’s daughters challenge his authority, saying “ don’t work. You only worked at two jobs, one you quit…”

Not all of the men stay quite as busy. Danny Barclay calls working on his custom “kegerator” his pet project. His wife Katherine walks in from work one night to find the behemoth creation sitting in the middle of the kitchen.

That’s just a small glimpse into the new show, which has some surprisingly dramatic moments. For more, you’ll have to tune in to the Fox Reality Channel, starting August 15th.

Here’s the breakdown of the househusbands and their bankrolling wives:

— Grant Reynolds, husband of Fox NFL Sunday’s Jillian Barberie
— Billy Ashley, husband of celebrity makeup artist Lisa Ashley
— Danny Barclay, husband of Hollywood attorney Katherine Barclay
— Darryl M. Bell, husband of Cosby show star Tempestt Bledsoe
— Charlie Mattera, husband of psychologist Gail Mattera.

What do you think, will Househusbands of Hollywood have as much pop as The Real Housewives? Let us know in the comments section below.

Here are some photos of Grant Reynolds and Jillian Barberie from Househusbands of Hollywood. I also included a video of Jillian below.

jillian barberiegrant reynolds



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4 Responses to “Househusbands of Hollywood”

  1. 1
    Carole Says:

    I think this show will be stupid. The only two woman anybody will know is Jillian and Tempestt. At least Tempestt’s husband will be known for his role on A Different World. Who cares about the other guys. Don’t we get enough of Jillian and her over the top, name dropping antics in the morning?! Her husband is pathetic and will continue to ride her coattails until the wheels fall off. They should re-name the show “Pathetic Husbands of Hollywood!”

  2. 2
    Sarah Says:

    Don’t assume there is less pettiness involved in the relationships of men. I’ve worked in a very male-dominated office for years and I’ve seen PLENTY of petty behavior between the guys. I’m talking about behavior that would put most high school girls to shame.

  3. 3
    man Says:

    Talk about the pussification of men. Get your balls back while you can. You should all be ashamed.

  4. 4
    rachel spry Says:

    i love the show……it’s great to see that thay normal people even if the camera is what if we don’t know who some of the people that are on this show