Reality TV Scandals Off Camera!

April 17, 2011
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When it comes to reality TV, scandals are half the fun of watching the shows. However, sometimes finding some of the shocking things they do ff camera is way more entertaining! So let me remind you of how crazy some of these people are!

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You know, unscripted shows have become a huge hit over the past 10 years or so, and when they first did I was really irritated by them. They are just so addicting however, that now they are the shows I hate to love!

Check out these top reality TV scandals and be sure to tell me which one you think is the best!

1. David Hasselhoff may be known for Baywatch, but he also spent some time as an “America’s Got Talent” host. When the cameras were off however, his personal life was a complete mess. He and his wife, Pamela Bach, were in a custody battle and were each thought to have been violent. And of course, during that time the “drunk cheeseburger” video hit the internet!

2. The first ever season of Survivor was very successful and got a lot of America hooked on the show. The winner Richard Hatch took home $1 million and became famous instantly. Now, unfortunately he is also famous with IRS because he didn’t pay his taxes then and is now in debt again! According to reports, he is begging anyone for $300,000!

3. Could you really have a show with Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie and not have drama?! Well as you may remember during “The Simple Life” there was a mysterious feud between Paris & Nicole that later led to them not being friends. Neither of them would really say what happened but the heiress said, “Nicole knows what she did and that’s all that I am ever going to say about it.” Jealousy is said to be the reason, but a few years later they supposedly made up and have moved on.

4. Two people that I would love to never hear about again are Jon & Kate Gosselin! But how could I not include them in this list, it’s where they belong. “Jon & Kate Plus 8” was the show that brought them into our lives, but now the couple has split and their divorce, custody and behavior is all we hear about.

5. The “Real Housewives” shows are only popular because of the drama. I think one of the most talked about women may be Beverly Hills star Camille Grammer, ex-wife of Kelsey Grammer. When the two were going through their legal battle things got very crazy and we sure hung on every word. After some nasty words back and forth and pre-nup issues, they are officially split and now her ex is married again!

Too much craziness for me! These are my top picks for realty TV scandals, though I could of included many more, including “Bachelor” Brad Womack or anything about “Jersey Shore.” Is your favorite on this list, or do you have another good one for me? Be sure to leave me all your comments below!

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