Rihanna’s Abu Dhabi Gig To Be Less Risque

December 30, 2009
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We all know Rihanna likes to show us what she’s got but her next scheduled performance might reveal a whole lot less. Rihanna’s Abu Dhabi gig might require her to cover up just a tad.

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Rihanna is slated to perform a New Year’s Eve show in the United Arab Emirates. Of course things are a little more cordial in those parts of the world and they might make Rihanna conceal her naughty bits for the show.

This should be quite a challenge for Rihanna as numerous photos of compromised nature are all over the world wide web. Paparazzi have shot tons of photos of Rihanna’s body parts and Rihanna doesn’t seem to mind letting it all hang out for her audience. And who could forget those naughty naked cell phone pics?

Concert organizers in Abu Dhabi have issued a statement denying rumors that Rihanna has been asked to cover up. Of course it was reported that Rihanna was being pressed to dress more conservatively for the Dec. 31 show, for which she would haul in a $500,000 paycheck.

Concert organizer Flash said these reports were false, and denied rumors that Rihanna would receive a half-million dollar reward for the performance. “The facts and figures recently reported around Rihanna’s Abu Dhabi concert are totally inaccurate,” a representative from Flash said. “Rihanna is bringing an incredible new stage show to the capital and there’s no doubt the event will be fantastic; an ideal way to celebrate the beginning of a new decade.”

I don’t find it too difficult to believe that Rihanna’s Abu Dhabi performance would require that she keep her boobs and butt under wraps, however a source revealed, “She knows that she’ll have to compromise her style to fit in with local traditions, but a huge part of her show is her sexy stage gear.”

In addition to the modesty clause unless Rihanna’s handlers can obtain a special license to harbor booze, Rihanna will not only have to be modest on New Year’s Eve, she’ll also have to be sober.

Here are some more photos of Rihanna.

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Photos: Mr. Blue www.wenn.com

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