Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart ‘Breaking Dawn’ Costumes Revealed at Twilight Con!

March 6, 2011
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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s ‘Breaking Dawn’ costumes were out in all of their glory for fans to drool over this weekend at a Twilight conference in Los Angeles. Take a look at them here.

Breaking Dawn Costumes

Thanks to the sheer genius of social networking, zealous fans of the saga were able to snap a few pictures of the garments that are said to have been worn on the set of the final two films. As if we needed any more teases, right?

No offense to the true fans out there, but you get the real sense that those promoting the Twilight Saga are getting a tad desperate. Now that it was confirmed that the real life Bella and Edward are actually together (we think), the hype just sort of fizzled out.

The buzz surrounding the two actors really reached its zenith when they landed at LAX together, and fought their way through the paparazzi, only to be whisked away to a rental house they would be sharing together. More and more photos of them together kept popping up, and soon it felt like an old story.

A few weeks went by…

Then suddenly on set pictures of the honeymoon scene arrived on the web and things got back on track. Stories were being written about them and all was good with the world.

A few weeks went by…nothing.

I even began to wonder whether or not the last two films could stand the test of time. Would fans be willing to flock to them in the same manner they had before?

Aside from a few interviews, and of course appearances at awards shows, these two literally fell off the map. If it wasn’t for ‘Water For Elephants,’ I might have forgotten about ‘ole R-Patz.

But now that I have caught a glimpse or two of the actually outfits from the movies, they’re starting to build me back up again. I’m left wondering whether or not they have anything left in their arsenal.

Check out the photos of the Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart ‘Breaking Dawn’ costumes below. Your thoughts?

Breaking Dawn CostumesBreaking Dawn CostumesBreaking Dawn CostumesBreaking Dawn CostumesBreaking Dawn CostumesBreaking Dawn Costumes

Photos via Twilight Lexicon

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