Robert Pattinson Surprises Fans at Home

May 9, 2010
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Hottie ‘Twilight’ actor Robert Pattinson surprises fans by visiting them at their homes! Lucky them! Read all about this great guy below, including more photos and a video.

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In her special show that will air on May 13th, RPattz’s birthday, all kinds of exciting things happen! Twilight fanatics filled the audience for the taping, special families got a visit from the Edward Cullins actor and dating news “may” have been revealed.

The show that will play this Thursday will feature the Mele family, one of three houses where there was a special knock at the door by Robert Pattinson. Surprises, fans and ‘Twilight’ news will a hit on what was supposed to be a secret episode!

After Maria Mele and her family provided proof of their crazy love of all things related to these movies, Oprah’s people sent them a Skype kit so they could do a computer interview. Well after some stalling, they screamed as the star was actually standing at their front door.

“He was so genuine, he hugged everybody, took pictures … told a lot of jokes.”

There will be a lot of jealousy and envy when this special experience is aired on her show. Even those who just attended the taping got a bunch of special treats including being close to their infatuations, sneak peeks of the new movie and a voucher for Bella’s engagement ring!

Those of us who just get to read about all this fun and watch the episode from home sure missed out on some special opportunities. However, I am sure the show won’t disappoint and all these cool things just make us love ‘Twilight’ even more!

Tell me what you think of all the fanatics and Robert Pattinson surprising fans with a visit. Also check out more photos and see this video below.

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Photos: Wright, Tony Clark, PNP, Michael Carpenter, JDH/JCP

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