Roberta Mancino: Skydiver & Italian Model

November 9, 2010
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Meet Roberta Mancino, a stunning skydiver and Italian model. She is making news as the female athlete voted most beautiful by Men’s Fitness readers. Check out some video here.

Roberta Mancino is an extreme athlete, and has been skydiving since 2001, at which point it chose her as her profession!

She does everything from skydiving to B.A.S.E. jumping, has logged over 4,000 jumps and is the Free Fly record holder. On top of all of that, she is absolutely gorgeous!

That explains why she is a favorite among Men’s Fitness readers. That and the fact that she has also done four jumps in the buff!

She just did an interview with the men’s magazine, where she talked about skydiving, training for competitions (I didn’t even know there were skydiving competitions, and her parachute failing. Yea, it’s happened five times! Zero is enough for me!

My favorite question was about training for skydiving. Who knew?! She says,

“Sometimes I practice yoga or go to the gym. But the best training is at Skyventure XP Paraclete, an indoor skydiving wind tunnel in North Carolina where I train for the International Skydiving competitions. I can train several hours of body flight time in a couple of days. I would have to take several hundred jumps to get the same amount of training. I really feel it in my shoulders and my back. However, I think tunnel flying is a very good overall workout for your body. It is extremely cardio intensive and you need to stay mentally alert and mentally tough. If you lose track of where you are flying in relation to the wall you can get really injured. I am often very sore after flying, especially when training with the team. The freestyle training is hard because you need a lot of stretching.”

You can read the full article and check out more pictures of Roberta Mancino here. A video can also be found below!


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