Roger Ebert Oprah Video – Computerized Voice Debut

March 2, 2010
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Roger Ebert’s Oprah video is being widely sought after following an appearance he made on Tuesday’s show.

Roger Ebert

The world’s most well known film critic has been given a wonderful opportunity to express his opinion verbally once again. The longtime Chicago Sun Times movie critic lost the ability to speak in 2002 after undergoing a surgical procedure aimed at removing a cancerous thyroid.

On Tuesday afternoon’s show, he’ll have a debut of sorts for a new device that has been programmed with actual samples of his voice. A Scotland based company was able to take multiple audio clips from his old movie commentary, chop them up, and synthesize them.

The device works alongside a computer that allows him to type what he would like to say. PopEater ran a quote taken from some of the first thoughts he conveyed in public using the machine:

“It still needs improvement, but at least it sounds like me…In first grade, they said I talked too much. And now I still can.”

Roger Ebert’s Oprah video is actually very moving. As much as he used to annoy me while offering his critiques alongside Siskel, I really feel for the guy now. It’s good to see that he has such a supportive wife standing by him through all of this.

His wife Chaz seems happy to be able to hear his voice again. When asked how it made her feel, she said:

“I actually think it’s incredible, it’s incredible that that’s your voice.”

I have to admit I still check his online write-ups before or after seeing a film. His insight surprises me, and although sometimes I find his opinion a little snooty, you can count on him to not simply blow smoke.

Check out Roger Ebert’s Oprah video below, and give us your thoughts in the comments section.

Roger EbertRoger EbertRoger EbertRoger Ebert

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