Ruthann Clawson: Michael Blosil’s Close Friend, Found Suicide Note

March 2, 2010
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Ruthann Clawson, Michael Blosil’s good friend, has been identified as the woman who found the suicide note he left at the scene.

Marie Osmond

People are left searching for answers in the aftermath of the sudden loss of Marie Osmond’s teenage son. It was widely known that he struggled with mental health issues, but his death came as a shock even to his family and friends.

When the story hit, details were scarce. One thing that was confirmed is that Blosil directly addresses a certain close friend in his suicide note. RadarOnline has indentified that person and some of the contents of the note:

“The note described basically how he was doing his very last shower, his last cigarette. The other half was toward Ruthann…about how he’s the closest one with her here and how she’s the one he can really tell this to…”

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…now back to the story. It has to be absolutely heart breaking to be so close to someone who takes his/her own life, especially if they felt you were the only one they could come to. Our best wishes are sent out to the family.

Check out some photos of Ruthann Clawson, Michael Blosil’s good friend here – Radar Online

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