Ryan Seacrest: Momma’s Boy

October 6, 2008
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Ryan Seacrest is finally going to unveil his latest reality series, Momma’s Boy. Check out the series details with video and photos after the jump.

NBC has given Ryan Seacrest a premiere date for his latest reality creation. The new reality series, Momma’s Boy, is scheduled to air on October 29th at 9pm.

The series follows three overbearing mothers all looking for the perfect mate for their sons. The women will pick from a line-up of 32 potential women. The mothers and sons will also be living together during the six week duration!

Described by NBC – “The series centers on three possessive, yet loving mothers who must help their complacent sons choose the perfect woman — and ultimately poses the question: Who is really the most important woman in every man’s life?”

Momma’s Boy sounds just as exciting as Paris and her new BFF, and NBC is said to be ordering a second season?!

More photos and a video of Ryan Seacrest are below.

Ryan Seacrest Video

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