Saleh Kazemi Found Dead Alongside Steve McNair

July 5, 2009
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Saleh Kazemi, sometimes spelled Sahel Kazemi, is the woman found dead along with Steve McNair today, in what some are saying could be a murder suicide. Read more and see photos and video here.

Saleh Kazemi

Saleh Kazemi

Famed NFL quarterback Steve McNair was found dead today in Tennessee, alongside him was 20-year-old Saleh Kazemi, both suffered fatal gunshot wounds. Ever since reports hit of Steve McNair’s death, searches for pics and video of Saleh Kazemi or (Sahel Kazemi) have flooded the Internet, and we’ve got them here.

According to reports, Saleh Kazemi and Steve McNair had a relationship that could be described as dating, even though McNair is married, and Saleh Kazemi has a boyfriend named Keith. Some believe the circumstances of their deaths point to a murder suicide, but officials have yet to confirm it.

The pistol that was allegedly used in the killings was found under Saleh Kazemi’s body. She had a fatal gunshot wound to the head, and Steve McNair had four bullet wounds; two in the head and two in his body.

Saleh Kazemi’s sister told the Florida Times-Union that McNair had planned to leave his wife so that he and Saleh may be together. Apparently McNair and his wife had already been living separately. Saleh’s sister also describes her as “independent, outgoing, and very strong.”

(On a side note: there have also been many errant searches using the name Jaleh Kazemi, who is an Iranian artist and voice over actress. To clarify, the woman found with Steve McNair is in fact Saleh Kazemi.)

Check out pictures and video of Saleh Kazemi below.

Saleh Kazemi
Saleh Kazemi Picture

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Saleh Kazemi Video


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21 Responses to “Saleh Kazemi Found Dead Alongside Steve McNair”

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  1. 1
    pennie Says:

    its sad that a 36 year old man puts himself with a little girl. 20 years old. at that age they live in lala land, thinking every thing is all hunky dorky, and mostly likely the female bought the gun, and said if you don’t leave your wife, I am going to shot my self… that is what you call very inmature…. not only did she hurt her family and friends, but his as well and didn’t gain anything.

  2. 2
    soflo Says:

    This girl was some sort of a nut. There is nothing wrong with an older man with a younger girl, if anything it is a benefit of experience. If the relationship ends, it ends. This girl was some sort of a muslim and whtever crazy backround she has or beliefs or medical mental condition caused this most likely. This girl was sick! American women are becoming nothing but either fat,ugly,violent and crazy. Learn our lessons from other peoples mistakes guys. Go out with girls from out of the country and keep them away from these feminist crazies what ever you do. They are not about happiness,but about control and misery,period and nowadays it as hit a whole new level.

  3. 3
    truthalwayscomesout Says:

    well what do you want to hear?
    This would never had happened if he would of been at home planning & celebrating fireworks w/ his kids!
    but almost all men cheat and he was no different!
    I feel sad for the kids!!
    they will have to grow up learning about this.
    Might repeat fathers mistake or learn never to commit it?

  4. 4
    JOSEPH Says:

    Christianity is to blame for the fault of McNair sleeping with someone outside his marriage. Crazy christian fundamentalists. This is a typical ‘hood’ story. it just so happens he’s a famous person. Crazy idiot christians have been acting like this since the beginning of their perverted religion. They reap what they sew.

  5. 5
    Kris Says:

    Christianity is the only religion that has not been proven false. Christianity teaches love and forgiveness. Your comments show your ignorance of religion and life Joseph.

  6. 6
    Vikki Says:

    Wish all cheaters would get bumped off by those they cheat with to save their faithful ex’s unnecessary pain and suffering. YIPPEEE. I do feel sorry for his wife and kids. Hopefully she’ll get over the loser by spending the insurance money on his kids and a younger guy that has potential father for her kids potential.

  7. 7
    Taylor Says:

    WOW! People of this world amaze me. A wife no longer has a mate, children no longer have a father, and all any of you can talk about is pure ignorance. Stop bashing woman, muslims,christianity, cheaters, ect. and start thinking about the fact that 2 people lost thier lives and impacted many more lives. People make wrong and poor decisions everyday. The difference between you and Steve McNair…he got caught… and suffered the consequences of his actions. I’m from Nashville and despite Steve McNairs poor judgement in his personal life, he was actually a good person. He did a lot for the community and gave to those in need as often as he could. He will be missed here in Nashville. His family is in our prayers.

  8. 8
    Ben Says:

    We have to be very careful nowadays guys, cos’ we’re maybe the ones with guns fully loaded, but the women are the ones that control the trigger.

  9. 9
    Ben Says:

    Oh and don’t point your finger to Christianity. Religion has nothing to do with the killings. That, I tell you Mr Joseph is the work of the devil. And neither the Muslim or the Christian religions are to be blamed for that. It just happened to a selfish young woman whom was unable to control her jealousy.

  10. 10
    me Says:

    i think the boyfriend and his friend did it,he ex boyfriend is crazy over her he has rap songs talkig about killing someone and a whole bunch of songs about her i think he did it him and his friend

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