Sandra Bullock Divorce: Rumor or Reality?

March 24, 2010
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Will there be a Sandra Bullock divorce? It seems that is the question of the week—maybe I can sort it out for you.

Sandra BullockJesse James

…or maybe I can’t. That’s because no one is really sure what the heck is going on. Some outlets are reporting that the actress has been consulting with divorce attorneys this week, lining her ducks up. Others are reporting that she is trying to reconcile with Jesse James.

TMZ has reported that both parties met with divorce attorneys, but that no plans were announced. They also confirmed that the couple worked out a prenuptial a while back—just in case. It sounds like that may come in handy after all.

As you know Bullock has gone into hiding, cancelling appearances and events left and right. Is that a bad sign for things to come?

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…now back to the story. It should be interesting to see how this thing pans out. Even if she has no plans to divorce now, that may change. I have a feeling more and more women will be coming forward making claims. It sounds like Jesse James may have checked under one too many hoods.

Do you think there will be a Sandra Bullock divorce? I’ve thrown in a video about the issue from Fox News, because you know, they are always so on top of pop culture (wink).

Sandra BullockSandra BullockSandra BullockSandra BullockJesse James

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