Sarah Palin, Kate Gosselin – Strange Bedfellows in Alaska (VIDEO)

December 12, 2010
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Sarah Palin and Kate Gosselin both have a knack for shameless self-promotion, but that may be where the similarities end. Find out how Kate’s trip to Alaska went, and see a video clip here.

Kate, now a veteran reality mom, traveled with her adorable troop up to Alaska to experience what it’s like to “rough it” with the Palin clan. For an episode of the former Governor’s new reality show, the Gosselin bunch would join the fun on a camping trip.

The idea sounds good on paper, but it seems Kate’s new spray tanned, plastic surgery infused look doesn’t meld well with the cold, wet conditions she would face. As a result, viewers were not only treated to the plastic, bubbly well-coached sunshine machine that is Sarah Palin, they were also offered up a heaping plate of miserable old Kate.

While her awesome kids hung out with the bizarrely named Palins, she hunched under a canopy making it clear that she would rather be in rural Pennsylvania. It was hard to tell if she was bemoaning her discomfort to a nearby producer, or simply talking indirectly to the viewers, but it was hilarious nonetheless. I only partially prayed that a bear would come up behind her and at least let out a nice ‘roar.’

She even offered up the question: “Why would you pretend to be homeless?”

Normally I have to choke back my dinner to even tolerate a few minutes of Palin’s show—I find her so pretentious it is unbearable—but in a way, Kate did wonders for her by acting like such a spoiled brat. For that, I offer her the douche of the week trophy.

Check out some video of Kate Gosselin and Sarah Palin in Alaska together below (the fun really begins around the 5 minute mark). Oh, and do check out the Jimmy Kimmel spoof video as well.

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One Response to “Sarah Palin, Kate Gosselin – Strange Bedfellows in Alaska (VIDEO)”

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    Tawny Jones Says:

    Kate Gosselin is an unhappy grouch. Sarah Palin is a happy optimist. It shows.