Saw 3D Shreds Box Office With $24 Million Opener

October 31, 2010
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Saw 3D’s Halloween opener was a bit of a surprise at the box office this weekend, earning over $24 million. But will this spell the end of the franchise? Get the details here, and see related photos and video below.

Horror fans have enjoyed the ride that the Saw movies have provided, taking them to the farthest extremes of gore. Even as a child of the 80s who grew up watching what have become the classics, I occasionally wince during the torture scenes. But isn’t there only a limited number of ways to painfully kill someone?

That may be the case, as the seventh installment hit theatres Friday. It seems jumping on the 3D craze was a bit of a desperate act following the dismal numbers the sixth film racked up. Even those behind the films say this is the final chapter.

It looks like it worked, as Saw 3D landed in the top ten at the box office this weekend. Get more on the story over at Hollywood Insider.

Meanwhile, check out some weekly hot links:

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This video over at Amy Grindhouse is epic—these people wired their house to blink along with Michael Jackson.

Although they don’t need costumes, TMZ reports that Heidi and Spencer were out were out and about this Halloween weekend.

…now back to the original story. Do you think Saw 3D should be the last film? The box office numbers were pretty promising, maybe we can lobby for an eighth installment? Watch the official trailer below.

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