Sex Addict: Facebook Bans Clive Worth

July 24, 2010
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Clive Worth, a 60 year old man, has claimed to have slept with 1,500 women who he’s met through the internet. Numerous sites have banned the self-admitted sex-addict, & Facebook’s deleted his profile four times already. Now set up under the alias ‘Carol Peters,’ Worth has a picture of model Coralie Robinson as his profile picture, and is allegedly attempting to ‘convert lesbians.’ Check out the full story, with photos and video below!

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Some call him harmless, others say he’s dangerous, but what’s certain is that websites don’t want Clive Worth as a member. Booted off, datingdirect. com, and video-sharing sites and, complaints from other users eventually lead to his dismissal.

“Facebook is not the place to meet people you don’t know, it is about connecting and sharing with your existing friends,” said the website’s representative, explaining why Clive’s profile was deleted for the fourth time. For the sex addict, Facebook is his main source for dates.

“Facebook don’t give me a reason any more, they just remove me,” he said. “I decided to call myself Carol on Facebook because that’s the name of my first date, when I was ten.”

The first reports of Clive’s exploits came in 2004 after he was removed from At that time, he claimed to have ‘bedded’ 200 women, and administrators said that the only cause for someone’s removal would be complaints from other users.

“They [women] get upset and report me, saying I’m just after sex,” he complained. Unfazed he continued, “there’s lots of dating sites on the internet – I’m going to carry on until I’m 80.”

What do you think of the self-admitted sex addict? Facebook seems to have good reason for removing his profile, and I certainly wouldn’t want my daughter on the same site as this guy. Do you think he should have a right to use the site? Or is he a danger to other users? Let me know in the comment section! Also, check out the photos and video below!

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Photos: Danny Clifford,, Manuil Yamalyan, Erik Field, R Lawrence, James Quinton

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One Response to “Sex Addict: Facebook Bans Clive Worth”

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    Clive Worth Says:

    Clive Worth here, I am also on Twitter and a Author with 2 books out giving men dating tips, see my photos on Yahoo Flickr, Videos on YouTube & back on Facebook but as who or what, ha, ha.