Shiri Appleby is ‘Life Unexpected’ Actress

January 19, 2010
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If you did not watch the series premiere of Life Unexpected last night on The CW, then I suggest you find a way to watch it online today because it is going to be a huge hit. Shiri Appleby is one of Life Unexpected actresses and let me tell you she, along with the rest of the cast, is about to be a household name. I have more on Life Unexpected, including a nice preview video and actress Shiri Appleby so keep reading.

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For those of you who were watching other things last night, say like 24, I am going to give you a quick lowdown on Life Unexpected. The lives of Cate, played by Appleby, and Baze, played by hottie Kristoffer Polaha, are turned upside down when the daughter they gave up in high school suddenly appears. Lux, played by Britt Robertson, spent years in and out of foster homes and is looking to be an emancipated minor. Cue new drama, new family, etc. The concept may sound a little corny but the show is really good, I have to say much better than the usual CW Network shows.

One of the reasons Life Unexpected is a success is due to the beautiful Shiri Appleby who is no stranger to the television world. Shiri has appeared in everything from the soap opera Santa Barbara, to the cult hit Roswell, to the final season of ER. She had a slew of guest starring roles before landing the role of Liz Parker on Roswell, which is really her break out role. Along with her successful television series roles Shiri has appeared in a number of made for TV movies like Pizza My Heart and Everything You Want.

Although she is best known for her television work, Shiri has also had huge success on the big screen starring in films like Charlie Wilson’s War, Swimfan and The Battle of Shaker Heights. As you may or may not know the movie The Battle of Shaker Heights also starred a young Shia Labeouf and was the movie that resulted from the Matt Damon and Ben Affleck short lived reality TV show Project Greenlight.

Shiri grew up in Los Angeles so the entertainment world was always around her. Her career actually began and the young age of four.

The show is getting great reviews and I have a feeing life as Shiri knows it is about to be over. Ger ready Shiri you are about to be known as Shiri Appleby Life Unexpected actress and that is going to be a great thing for you.

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One Response to “Shiri Appleby is ‘Life Unexpected’ Actress”

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    Hill Says:

    I just stopped to agree with you, specially in the appreciation you did of Shiri. She left me with no words in some particular scens last night. Her facial expression when Lux asks her if she had ever thought of having her was absolutely priceless. And when she proposed to Ryan at the end was so great.
    All of Life was brillant but Shiri is such fresh air on tv!