Shradha Sharma is Raja Chaudhary’s Girlfriend

November 20, 2010
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He may not get much attention stateside, but is today both in India and the United States. Raja Chaudhary’s girlfriend was beaten up by her famous Bollywood boyfriend according to authorities in India. For more info on this, and some video of the crazed actor, keep on reading!

Shradha Sharma
Photo: Shradha Sharma

Shradha Sharma has yet to come forward and press actual charges against him, but after seeing pictures if the Indian model/actress, I can’t image that is too far off.

He allegedly broke into Shradha Sharma’s house in the Mumbai neighborhood of Oshiwara on Thursday night while he was drunk. He then beat her up after locking a maid in the bathroom, say reports.

He was arrested for disturbing the peace after neighbors called to report the commotion, but Shradha Sharma has yet to file charges against him for the battery. The two reportedly broke up several months ago and Chaudhary wants to reconcile while she doesn’t, according to her spokesperson.

The popular television actor actor was taken into custody, where he still can’t seem to keep his mouth shut, reportedly saying:

“Shradha (Sharma) is my girlfriend and I want to marry her. But I came to know that she is cheating on me. On Friday, she was the one who provoked me.”

This isn’t the first time that Raja is in the news for getting physical. Last year, he reportedly was arrested for striking his ex-wife, actress Shweta Tiwari, breaking into her home, and slapping her boyfriend on camera (which you can see below!)

Rage issues much? This isn’t the first time this guy has been in trouble for being physically aggressive, and he has played the victim card every single time! In time it may come to light that he did assault his girlfriend Shradha Sharma. If she wasn’t his ex-girlfriend before, I’m sure she is now!

What do you guys think of the reports that Raja Chaudhary’s girlfriend might have been assaulted by the actor? Are Shradha Sharma photos as beautiful as we think? Let is know by leaving us some comment love, and check out some video of her beautiful body in a modeling photo-shoot below!


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