Maikon Bonani Falls From Skyride At Busch Gardens

July 19, 2009
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Maikon Bonani, a USF Bulls kicker, fell from the Skyride/Gondola ride at Busch Gardens in Tampa. Read more and see photos and video here.

Maikon Bonani

Skyride Busch Gardens: Gondola Ride

Maikon Bonani works at Busch Gardens in Tampa as a Skyride operator. He reportedly thought the door of the Gondola wasn’t properly closed as it left the pad so he held onto it. He hung on for about 50 feet before letting go, at which point he fell an estimated 35 feet to the ground.

Bonani’s injuries are described as serious, but not life threatening. He is now in fair condition at St. Joseph’s Hospital, just blocks from Raymond James Stadium—the Bulls home field in Tampa.

There were people in the Skyride/Gondola car the entire time, but no one else was injured.

When I first heard that Bonani fell off of the Skyride at Busch Gardens I was a little concerned because it carries you over a huge zoo-like section of the park called the Serengeti Plain. Good thing he didn’t land in the section where the tigers are! Maikon Bonani reportedly fell into an area called Jungala, where there are no deadly predators.

Busch Gardens Tampa is only about 2 miles from USF’s main campus, and is home to some of the best coasters in America, including The Sheikra, The Kumba, The Montu, and The Gwazi.

The USF Bulls football team had an outstanding season in the 2007-2008 season, where they were even ranked #2 in the nation, and faced a possible championship bowl bid before falling off near the end.

My favorite memory of Maikon Bonani was when he hit the game winning field goal against the Kansas Jayhawks with 0 seconds on the clock. From where I was sitting it was wide right, but a collective wind from the breath of the fans pushed it over, and it just made it in (video below).

Check out a photo and a video of Maikon Bonani when he’s not dangling from the Skyride/Gondola ride at Busch Gardens in Tampa.

Maikon Bonani
Maikon Bonani Picture

Maikon Bonani Video

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