REPORT: Snooki & The Situation Caught Canoodling

June 30, 2011
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Snooki and The Situation are reportedly at it again, this time landing a kiss while back on their own turf in New Jersey.

Jersey Shore

Fans of the show will likely remember how things went during the first and second seasons. Back then the cast mates spent most of their time getting drunk and hooking up with each other. That was long before the Grenade Free Federation, GTL, and of course, girls who are DTF.

One of those late night hookups involved a Mike and Snooki.

There was kissing, drinking, and a floating bikini top—all mixed together in the rooftop hot tub at the notorious Shore house made famous by the show.

But that was really the end of it. For the most part, it was Vinny who expressed interest in Snooki, but he even admitted that he didn’t simply want to hook-up.

In fact, Snooki and Mike even went at it a few times, including an incident where The Situation referred to her “rolls” at dinner.

From there they didn’t seem too particularly close, but at least tolerated each other. From what we know of the season shot in Italy, these two were up to their regular antics. It wouldn’t be until they made it back to the United States that they were caught kissing.

British tabloid The Daily Mail has some grainy photos that purport to be of the two reality stars getting awfully cozy together. The pic looks like it was taken on the roof of the Shore house by some serious stalkers. It’s not very clear whether or not it is a friendly kiss, or if there is more to the story.

Either way, filming is back underway in Seaside, and you know what that means…more madness.

Do you think they are hooking up, or just sharing a friendly peck?


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