Sonja Morgan to Lose $6 Million Home?

July 6, 2011
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Oh Lordy, these ladies are a hot mess! She already declared bankruptcy, but is Sonja Morgan losing her home?!

Sonja Morgan

Rumor has it that RHONY may be losing her $6 million home! I am an avid fan of the RH series and

I have to admit, she has made some big mistakes. Going to Morocco, getting weird rejuvenations, shopping, Feng Shui specialists, NOT paying the poor plumber. She has been acting seriously quacky this season. Totally flaky, emotional, and just lackadaisical. Now we know why. Not only did Sonja have to file for bankruptcy, but she is also rumored to be losing her home.

She was once married to 80-year-old John Adams Morgan, as in J.P. Morgan. It is a gold digging failed attempt, seems like. They have been going through a bitter divorce for years, and he is not willing to give Sonja a dime more, even if it means his daughter will lose her home. What a nice guy.

A source says,

Sonja is devastated, she’s considering the house gone already… She wants to sell it back to her ex husband, so she can make that money off it and her daughter can live there, but he’s refusing. She wants to keep it for her daughter, but it seems she’ll have to sell it and lose it altogether. She needs the money because he’s not giving her a cent more and she’s now more than $7 million in the hole. She’s in denial, it’s only just started to hit her how much trouble she’s in. She makes $275,000 a year on Housewives, which would be good for anyone else but it won’t save her.

I mean how could she live on $275 k, when she is used to millions? That is just simply unreasonable! Chump change, she may as well be handing it out to people on the street. Line up folks.

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