Star Animal in Water For Elephants Seen In Awful Video

May 9, 2011
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The main elephant in Water For Elephants, Tai, has surfaced in a video shot six years ago showing the animal being abused by trainers. The sickening footage occurred long before the feature film.

Water For Elephants

To be clear, the movie doesn’t have any abuse claims attached to it. In fact, the American Humane Association was on hand during the filming of the movie to make sure everything was legit.

But it seems the popularity of the film, and the use of Tai has caused someone to dig up a disturbing old video showing the elephant being beaten and shocked as part of some sick training routine.

These stories are the exact reason why I hate anything involving animals for entertainment. Here in Florida we have the terrible Greyhound races, which are even subsidized by the government. Groups struggle to adopt out the retired dogs so that they don’t get euthanized.

The Kentucky Derby, the Circus, and many other forms of mainstream entertainment exploit animals in unthinkable ways, often resulting in their death. When will it stop?

TMZ has the video, but I don’t have the stomach to post it here.

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…now back to the story. These kind of videos keep me up at night. Let’s just hope the heartless a-holes who abuse animals get theirs in the end.


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