Steffiana de la Cruz: Kevin James’ Wife (PHOTOS)

January 13, 2011
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Steffiana de la Cruz, Kevin James’ wife, recently announced that she was pregnant. We’ve got the latest on the announcement and some recent photos and video of the couple.

Steffiana de la Cruz

The wife of the King Of Queens star showed up at an event last week with an unmistakable baby bump. Then, this week her hubby got some face time on the ‘Today’ show and made it official: they will soon be welcoming their third child into the world.

The new baby will be welcomed by her older siblings; 5-year-old Sienna-Marie, and her 3-year-old sister, Shea.

The proud father told Us Weekly about how his approach to parenting has changed since the birth of his first child:

“The first child… they just give it to you at the hospital, you’re supposed to put her in the carseat and drive home…. I was 10-2 on the wheel in the right lane 30 miles an hour on the highway with the flashers going. Second kid, I had the top down. I was steering with my knees.”

Since the announcement, people have begun to grow more curious about Seffiana de la Cruz. For those of you who want more info, here goes:

Born, Stephanie Anna Zantua, the Filipina actress/model married James in 2004 at a catholic church in California just two years after meeting him on a blind date.

Her movie credits include Eddie Money, Damned Yanky, and Black List. You may also recognize her as a random extra at the mall in Paul Blart: Mall Cop. Her latest project will be an upcoming movie called ‘Zookeeper,’ which is apparently being readied for release.

Congrats to the proud parents. For more on Kevin James’ wife Steffiana de la Cruz visit Bumpshack. Check out some pictures and video below.

Steffiana de la CruzSteffiana de la CruzSteffiana de la CruzSteffiana de la CruzSteffiana de la CruzSteffiana de la Cruz

Photos: Halkidis/C.M. Wiggins


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