Steve Carell, Sandra Bullock Join The Abstinence Teacher

August 3, 2010
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Coming off of his latest movie release and her comeback to mainstream society, we hear that Steve Carell & Sandra Bullock join ‘The Abstinence Teacher’ production. The theme of the book being made into a movie is a controversial one and could cause some debates! For all the details, including photos and a video, keep reading below.

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The movie is based on the book by Tom Perotta from 2007. It involves a liberal sex education teacher and a Christian soccer coach, who surprisingly fall for each other. The film would require more serious roles from both of them, but I think it could be a perfect fit.

We have seen the commonly hysterical actor in a more downplayed role when we saw ‘Sunshine’ with Steve Carell. If Sandra Bullock joins ‘The Abstinence Teacher’ she will have to portray a woman who is irritated by her conservative neighbors. I think they could play off each other well and depending on how it is done, it could be very powerful and have quite an impact.

What have these possible leads been up to other than possibly starting production on this new project? Well for ‘The Office’ star, he is fresh off last weekend’s release of ‘Dinner For Schmucks.’ It started out doing very well in the box office, but was beat out by the popular ‘Inception.’ He has been involved in quite a few movies lately and it seems like there will be no stopping any time soon.

As for ‘The Blindside’ actress, we all know the trouble she has had lately with her terrible divorce from Jesse James. Over the last few months she has come back into our lives with her first major appearance at the MTV Awards where she lip locked Scarlett Johansson. She made it clear that she is not going into hiding and wants to continue her epic career.

So as these two high powered celebrities venture into this new project together, we all wait anxiously to see what will unfold. If the rumors are true that Steve Carell & Sandra Bullock join ‘The Abstinence Teacher,’ production should start soon! Will you be in line to see the movie when it premieres? Let me know your thoughts about these actors below after you check out these pictures and a video by the book’s author.

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Photos: Nikolov, Starbux, PNP, Apega, Nikki Nelson, HRC

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2 Responses to “Steve Carell, Sandra Bullock Join The Abstinence Teacher”

  1. 1
    me Says:

    defenitely gonna see this one!!! so excited!!

  2. 2
    Roy Mabe Jr. Says:

    Going to see this ASAP!