Steve Martin & Alec Baldwin: Oscar Hosts 2010

November 4, 2009
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The comedic duo of Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin has been chosen to host the crème de le crème of awards shows, the 2010 Oscars. A rather interesting, yet pretty good choice if you ask me. I am guessing this means no opening dance number. Although if they did any kind of dance number the photos and videos would no doubt be hysterical and keep us all entertained for days.


Steve Martin is an old pro at hosting the Oscars, this is his third time, so he can show first timer Alec Baldwin the Oscar light, so to speak. Both men are extremely funny and have a comedic charm that makes you love them, well in Baldwin’s case some love to hate him. Personally I am not a huge fan, so I am banking on Martin to carry the show. One thing is for sure the Oscar seem to pulling out all the stops to bring in the ratings. This duo host is just the latest stunt to make the Oscars the sought after event it used to be. Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin Oscar hosting will certainly be a far cry from Hugh Jackman last year, which is really neither good nor bad in my opinion. I thought Jackman did a great job as host.

Martin and Baldwin have beyond proven that they have the comedic chops to bring any house into hysterics. However the one thing that will make or break this duo is their chemistry. If they don’t have the right chemistry, then it will be a bust. I can’t see that happening. This is not the first time the two men will have shared screen time. Currently they are starring along side Meryl Streep in the upcoming movie It’s Complicated. Oh and let us not forget the laugh out loud Saturday Night Live sketch, The Platinum Lounge, they did together in 2006. Good stuff man! The Oscars are set to air March 7th on ABC.

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    TheBride Says:

    They were fantastic!