Steven Seagal’s Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Dismissed

July 15, 2010
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It’s only been a little over two months since Steven Seagal’s former assistant filed a $1 million lawsuit against the actor alleging that he sexually harassed her. It appears that now she is singing a different tune because his very accuser has dropped the suit against Seagal! Read more about the case and his accuser, as well as check out some pictures, below.

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On April 22, Kayden Nguyen filed a $1 million sexual harassment suit against her boss. Harassment lawsuits are not all that uncommon; except for the fact that her former employer is action star Steven Segal!

Ms. Nguyen made some pretty serious allegations against the actor, which I will get into in a minute, but there seems to be a new twist in the Seagal scandal. After months of litigation, her lawyers have officially filed to dismiss the case with the Los Angeles Superior Court. There have been no reports to suggest that there has been an out-of-court settlement, so unless she was making the whole thing up, what on earth is she thinking?

In her April lawsuit, Nguyen claims that she was hired by Seagal to be his personal assistant after she responded to a Craigslist ad. She says she was told the job would involve clerical duties like filing and answering the phone, but according to her allegations she got a lot more than she bargained for.

She claims Seagal flew her to Louisiana where he was filming, and it was there that he allegedly treated her as his own personal sex toy. She accused that she was fondled several times, was given pills she says Seagal illegally obtained from Tibet, and also had two Russian girls that he kept on staff to “fulfill” his needs. She even claims to be able to describe in detail Seagal’s unique reaction to sexual arousal (gross). It was only with the help of a cab driver that she was able to escape the house.

Those are some pretty heavy allegation to make public, only to drop the case two months later. One can only assume that Seagal settled out of court, but that has not yet been established. If she just dropped the case without any kind of settlement, it certainly doesn’t fair well for her reputation (or those of other women accusing their bosses of sexually harassing them.) Sexual harassment is no joke, so I really hope she has a good reason for dropping her case.

What do you guys think? Was she harassed or did she just make it up? Let us know and comment below!

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