Susan Boyle Needs 24-hour Care (UK News)

February 27, 2010
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Fame and a busy tour schedule have finally caught up with arguably the most rapidly successful contestant from Britain’s Got Talent. According to the latest news, the Scottish vocal sensation Susan Boyle needs 24-hour care and is in a very fragile state physically and emotionally following an extremely busy tour schedule. Read more below for the full story, as well as pictures and video!

Susan Boyle  2

SuBo first appeared in the public eye almost a year ago as she sang “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables and got a standing ovation for her efforts. Despite her obvious popularity with the show’s audience, she was dismissed in the final round losing to dance group Diversity.

Encouraged by her new-found popularity, SuBo released her first album in November 2009 which went on to become the highest selling album in the world for 2009.

Now, after touring and promoting her album for half a year, SuBo is exhausted. John, her older brother, says Susan Boyle “needs 24-hour care. She needs to be looked after.”

Her other brother Gerry confirmed John’s sentiments, saying:

“The traveling and the whole (fame) thing is exhausting. She still has her anxieties and her loneliness.”

SuBo has been showing increasing signs of stress lately. Days after her loss on Britain’s Got Talent, she was taken to London’s Priory mental health clinic in a disturbed mental state. Last month she had an incident in a VIP lounge at an airport.

Her close friend, Lorraine Campbell, says that she is mentally fragile, and often needs to stay the night following a recent breaking at her house.

“If she’s upset, she’ll stay the night. Security would bring her up to my house. I take her home in the morning. Susan stayed with me a week ago. Nighttime is a lonely time for her.”

After seeing the news that Susan Boyle needs 24-hour care, the first thought is that she has been in an accident or been physically injured. But I guess we don’t often think that the fame and lack of rest that celebrities face can do the same thing to a person. Best wishes to SuBo, hope she can make a full recovery!

Check out the pictures and video below!

Susan Boyle  3 Susan Boyle Susan BoyleSusan Boyle  6 Susan Boyle

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10 Responses to “Susan Boyle Needs 24-hour Care (UK News)”

  1. 1
    Paula Says:

    Subo get the rest that you need,fame is good but your health and mind set is important. When you return you will be refreshed and stronger, medatation works for me.

  2. 2
    KathyM Says:

    If she needs 24/7 care, let one of her siblings give it to her. They owe her.
    She was good enough to give it to their mother for years.

  3. 3
    Anna says Says:

    Dear Subo,
    Hope this finds you feeling better! I miss
    seeing you perform.I wish you well and would
    love to send you a card.I’m just going to try
    to send it to your hometown.

  4. 4
    Jane Says:

    This is so ridiculous. Susan performed at the San Remo Song Festival in Italy this month and was on the Italian Ana Rosa talk show. She performed on a French T.V. show. She recorded “Wings to Fly” in London for a Japanese promo. She will be performing on a German T.V. show next week. She’s getting ready to go to Japan at the end of March and will sing 4 songs in Japan on April 1, her birthday. Did anyone see the pictures of Susan two days ago? She looks happy, healthy and confident. Go read her blog on her website. She said she’s going to continue traveling right up until time to begin her NEW ALBUM! This is all a load of tosh!

  5. 5
    elle Says:

    All of this is just a crock of sensationalistic garbage. Tabloid fodder.

  6. 6
    richard perks Says:

    susan you have the scotish fighting spirit you go girl.

  7. 7
    Dorina Says:

    Maybe you should pick up the People mag and actually read it, instead of following gossip and tabloid headlines just to write a story. Susan is fine, she’s been under some stress, yes, like anyone here has had in their past and we all know sometimes you just need a few days to rest and get back on that horse.

    Also her own website has her updated her blog, she’s said she’s excited to start on her new CD very soon.

  8. 8
    Linda Gamble Says:

    Susan is a beautiful lady and has a lovely soul. I totally understand that she would need to spend time with her family and friends and would just need to feel loved. She deserves that. I would just like to send her my love and to let her know that she is loved and wished well the whole world over. Bless you Susan and may you find peace and happiness. You are gorgeous and we thank you and God for your beautiful voice and personality.

  9. 9
    Mary Ellen Says:

    Oh, Susan. I hope you can find some much need rest and relaxation to rejuvenate yourself. Your voice is an incredible gift – thank you for sharing it. I love your music and am uplifted by it.

    My heart hurts to know you are not peaceful. Well wishes and all best.

  10. 10
    Tom Cohoe Says:

    Maybe you should stop cursing her with your diagnosis.

    She’s lonely, for gosh sakes. Many people are lonely. That doesn’t make them “mentally fragile” or “unstable”.

    She wants a mate. Don’t most people?

    Someone frightened her in her home so she no longer feels comfortable there. That’s the usual reaction to home invasions, which are a type of violation.

    The people who actually have something mentally wrong with them are the people who “eat her” by publishing stories that cast her as unstable which convince the gullible and stupid and create a self feeding public attitude about her. Why don’t you develop this theme about telephone throwing Crowe, anti semitism ranting Gibson, or the legions of “celebrities” who act like spoiled children or worse.

    But they are “cool” and can protect themselves.

    Susan is not “cool”. She is something much better. She is innocent.