Susan Sarandon’s man hosts ping pong parties

December 31, 2009
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Yes, you read the title correctly, Susan Sarandon’s man hosts ping pong parties [sans clothing]. And that’s not all, Susan participates in the ping pong parties. In fact that’s how they hooked up.

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Jonathan Brinklin, 31, is Sarandon’s ping pong partner in a swanky New York table tennis club called Spin. Leave it to the rich and famous to come up with fun table games. Like, naked Twister wasn’t enough?

Actually the game called “naked ping pong” is a tad misleading.
Brinklin is a host of the Naked Ping Pong parties, thrown in a loft he shares with three friends where everyone plays table tennis, fully clothed despite the title.

Sarandon famously dated actor Tim Robbins for over 23 years, they split up last summer but the news just surfaced this month.
Sarandon was recently rumored to be involved with Brinklin – while the website Gawker went further by saying they are ‘now in a relationship’. Interestingly enough Sarandon hired Brinklin to make a tribute video for Tim Robbins’ 50th birthday, as well as investing in his private club Spin.

Sarandon, 63, and Robbins, 51, met while shooting the 1988 film “Bull Durham.” They co-habitated for 23 years and have two sons together. They never made their union legal by a wedding however, they outlasted many celebrity marriages.

Susan, a long time “cougar” way back before the term was coined, was several years older than Robbins. Now she is seeing Brinklin who is only 31 years old. A thirty two year age difference!

Sarandon, promoting her new movie The Lovely Bones, has stayed away from questions about her private life during a round of TV interviews. Not an easy issue to skirt considering the longevity of her relationship with Robbins. People were more than a little surprised that they broke up. Sarandon’s spokesperson, Teal Cannaday, confirmed: ‘Susan Sarandon and her partner of 23 years, actor Tim Robbins, have announced that they separated over the summer. No further comments will be made.’

So, Susan has a new movie out, a new relationship and maybe a new championship in the ping pong arena.

Here are some more photos of Susan Sarandon.

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