Takeru Kobayashi Arrested At Nathan’s! (Video)

July 5, 2010
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Was Takeru Kobayashi arrested at Nathan’s Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest? He sure was. You should never get in between a man and his food. Get the story here, and see photos and video here.

Takeru Kobayashi

Playing with a hungry man’s food is like playing with his emotions—especially when that man is a renowned speed-eating champ aptly nicknamed ‘The Tsunami.’

A bizarre contract dispute wasn’t enough to keep the pint sized Japanese eating machine away from the contest—but a few police officers were! But why did it come to that?

Well, folks, as I just learned myself, there ARE actually contracts and leagues in the competitive eating world. The one responsible for the Nathan’s extravaganza is called ‘Major League Eating.’ They are apparently in a contractual dispute with Mr. Kobayashi at the moment, which prevented him from officially competing this year.

He claims that he would like to compete in events that are sanctioned by other leagues, and not be tied down by MLE. As a result, they are currently not letting him get involved in their events.

So what’s a hungry championship eater to do? Well, crash the party, of course.

Here’s what got Takeru Kobayashi arrested:

Right after Joey ‘Jaws’ Chestnut won the contest by devouring 54 dogs in 10 minutes, the former champ stormed the stage. Police had to physically remove him, and despite clenching onto a metal police barricade, they were able to wrangle him off of the stage.

When asked about the contract issue, and Takeru’s behavior, MLE President Richard Shea said:

“We had a four-hour celebration. I hate to see that get lost. It’s part of the Fourth of July celebration holiday out there. We had a blast. We had four hours of entertainment. … Then something happened at the very end to kind of sully it. So, that was kind of sad.”

As for Takeru’s future with MLE, Shea said:

“To use the parlance of the sport…we have to let this sort of digest and we’ll see where we are. … We’ll see how it unfolds.”

Watch video of Takeru Kobayashi arrested below. Your thoughts?

Takeru KobayashiTakeru KobayashiTakeru KobayashiTakeru KobayashiTakeru Kobayashi

Photos: www.wenn.com

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