Tameka Foster Raymond: Usher’s Ex Wife Did Not Know About Sex Tape?

March 15, 2011
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Tameka Foster, Raymond Usher’s ex-wife was surprised when hearing about the headlines that she and her ex made this week. Tameka did not know about the sex tape. I’m still trying to figure this out. How would someone not know that they participated in something like this? You would think his WIFE of all people would be able to see through his charade.

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According to reports, Usher and his bodyguard parked their car at an AT&T store in Atlanta where the car they were driving was broken into. And what do you know? The car had two flip cameras and two MAC power books. Now I can say this may have been a set-up, but I thought they had moved past this. And while I don’t want to start rumors, I just want to know: why in the world would you leave that kind of damaging and private video in your car while you skipped into AT&T?

You might think one could just run home first, drop off the goods and then run the errand. I mean, it’s not like AT&T was going anywhere. Now, this alleged sex tape is being shopped around for god knows how much money. OMG! I would 38 hot right now if I was her! Next time I saw Usher there would be some smoke in the city if you know what I mean. To sit here and tell you that I wouldn’t be mad is just a lie. This is why you shouldn’t make sex tapes. Nobody has learned their lesson about this yet!

I feel bad for Tameka she is upset and we may even see a lawsuit come out of this. And yes, it wasn’t exactly his fault. However, maybe he shouldn’t leave that kind of info in the seat of his car either. Well, I know one thing. In the next few months, Vivid entertainment will have this tape in their hands.

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