Taylor Swift’s SNL Monologue (Video)

November 8, 2009
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It isn’t news that she hosted Saturday Night Live last night, but Taylor Swift’s SNL monologue song video is the news of the day. The video is rapidly circulating on the Internet, and let me tell you it gets funnier each time you watch it. I mean laugh out loud funny. Taylor’s opening monologue has been much anticipated since it was announced she would host SNL.

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The video entitled Monologue Song (La La La) was done with style and class, while being hysterical. Taylor finally got the chance to get back at Kayne, remember how the douchebag ruined her VMA acceptance speech. It was done in good taste with just the right amount of fun poked at Kayne. Personally I think she went a little too easy on Kayne. In reference to what happened at the VMA’s Taylor, strumming on a guitar, remarks how everything will be okay because she has security lining the stage, it is awesome. Some might be surprised to know that Kayne was not the main focus of her Monologue Song.

The talented teen used her Monologue Song to call out ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas for not only cheating on her but also dumping her over the phone. Then she let the Jonas Brother know she is doing fine. Taylor also addressed rumors of her relationship with Twilight Hottie Taylor Lautner, sort of. She jokingly commented on being linked to a Twilight Werewolf, then in a cute way said Hi Taylor & blew him a kiss. Again everything in Taylor’s Monologue Song, and believe no subject seemed to be left out, was all done in good fun. The 19 year old singer came across as cute, sweet, and really funny. If you missed last night’s Saturday Night Live episode, never fear, you can check out Taylor’s Monologue Song (La La La) Video below. Trust me it is laugh out loud funny, plus it is all people are going to be talking about for days. Check out the video of Taylor Swift’s SNL monologue below.

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