Teen Mom 2, Episode 10 Recap: Cold Feet, Credit Cards, and Cop-Outs!

March 15, 2011
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Another week and more teen mama-drama comin right at ya! After kind of a snooze fest last week, the drama certainly heated up this week! Do I smell season finale right around the corner?! Missed out on all the shenanigans this week on Teen Mom 2? Let’s recap!


There’s nothing more shameless than watching struggling, teenage mothers deal with their problems, which is why everyone loves Teen Mom 2 so much! It’s the show everyone hates to love, love to hate, and can’t help but watch! Last week was a little bit yawner, but they certainly made up for that this week! Where to begin?

Let’s start with Chelsea. For once, she had the most drama-free episode. She is taking her breakup with Adam last week pretty well, especially considering this episode centered around the fact that it was her birthday. Adam is quiet easily the most dirt bag guy on the show, and that includes Jenelle’s absentee baby daddy. Adam pops up when it’s convenient for him, and confesses he cheats on Chelsea because she is too controlling because she wants him to be around to help him raise their daughter. How dare she! Despite Adam’s flip-flopping about whether he wants to be a dad (I think he would be worse if there weren’t cameras in his face when he talks about Chelsea), she keep her head high and manages to go enjoy her birthday with her friends, including Megan who is being supportive despite her fallout with Chelsea and Adam. Chelsea’s dad gets them Lady Gaga tickets and hotel room so she can have “teen time” with her girlfriends, and for once Chelsea seems happy!

Now you can take your pick about which dramarific storyline you want next!

How about Kailyn? After her run in with Jo and the cops last week, it seemed like she might be working this out with him this week. He gave baby Isaac back without any difficulty, they managed to work out a verbal custody agreement without incident, and she got the money she needed to pay him back so that she could get her things from his parent’s house. She was feeling good about living with her mom (who for once this season is being really supportive of her daughter) and she seemed relieved she didn’t could hang out with her new boyfriend Jordan without sneaking around. But then it came time to actually go and get her stuff back, and everything kind of exploded! Kailyn and Jo can’t seem to be in the same space without fighting, and when Kailyn refuses to sign the check over to Jo until she can make sure she has all her stuff, the insults starts flying. Jo flies off the handle, pretty unnecessarily I think, and starts throwing her stuff outside, while calling her names, demands she owes him even more money ($30, really?!) and slams the door behind her. So much for being civil for the baby!

Next up is Leah, Corey, and their twins. After getting pretty good news that there is nothing wrong with Ali’s spine, the two start trying to finish planning their fast-approaching wedding despite the fact they are still dealing with their daughter’s health issues. Leah goes into all out freak-out mode every time she even has to think about the wedding. You can almost see the stress hives trying to break out! In an attempt to enjoy their upcoming nuptials, the two have their bachelor and bachelorette parties. Since neither of them are 21, low key is the best way to describe these southern kid’s bashes. Leah and her friends hangout at her mom’s playing games with condoms (a lot of good those have done her!) while Corey and his buddies stand around burning things. After their parties, Leah attempts to talk to Corey about her concerned feelings about the wedding, and wonders if they are jumping into marriage too quickly. Corey responds that they can’t be together if they don’t get married, putting even more pressure on Leah and confusing her even more.

Last but certainly not least we have Jenelle. Last week things were pretty quiet for her. She was getting along with her mom, going to school, working, and spending time with her son Jace. But as last week wrapped up, Jenelle and her tv boyfriend Kieffer decide to take a secret trip to New Jersey to see his family, and swipe two of her mom’s credit cards for gas and food. Even though she states she is going to pay her mom back when they return, her mom discovers her missing cards and calls Jenelle absolutely livid. She tells her she can’t come back to the house or else she will call the police because she stole from her, and that she can kiss any chance of seeing her son goodbye. In true Jenelle fashion, she cops a bad attitude and pretty much tells her mom to go screw herself. After hanging out in Jersey for a while with Keiffer’s brother before the now homeless couple head back. Jenelle shows up unannounced to her mom’s house, where her mom totally lets her have it for being an immature mother who has completely taken advantage of her and how she is ruining her own life. After discovering her mother means business because she has already packed up all of her stuff and sent back her financial aid check, Jenelle throws a temper tantrum and pouts out of the house. Usually I think her mom overreacts to just about everything, but she was totally justified this time. Jenelle has a bad attitude, and her mom has done more for her than she has needed to and is certainly the only one who has had Jace’s best interests at heart! After having it out with her mom, she and Keiffer end up back at their friends borrowed beach house until they can figure out where to go next.

There’s only two episodes left until the finale, so things should keep getting more and more intense! What do you guys think of this week’s episode of Teen Mom 2? Let us know by leaving us some comments below! We love to hear from you!


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