The Bachelor 2011: Brad Womack Faces DeAnna Pappas

January 3, 2011
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All eyes are tuned into ABC’s The Bachelor 2011 Season 15 to find out if Brad Womack will actually find love and pick a wife once he gets down to his final two choices. As we all remember from 2007 season 11 of The Bachelor, Brad Womack went as far as picking out an engagement ring and when it came right down to it he rejected both DeAnna Pappas and Jenni Croft.

After intensive therapy and a reconnecting with himself, Womack is said to be back on track and ready for action. Brad has his choice of 30 young women ranging from age 24 to 32. The big question is which one will he pick, an apparel merchant, a dentist, a nanny, a paralegal, a food writer, an executive assistant, an attorney, an event planner, an operations manager, an artist, a sales director two marketing coordinators, an insurance agent, two teachers, a sales consultant, a model, a sports publicist, a fashion marketer, a waitress, a hairstylist and my two personal favorites a Manscraper and a Radio City Rockette. What is a Manscraper you might ask ? It is a person who handles the removal of excess body hair with waxing, shaving or plucking.

And yet in the first episode he is confronted with DeAnna Pappas laying a deserved guilt trip all over him. Curious as to reader thoughts about this creepy bachelor guy. When will women say enough? Not Jenni Croft. Not DeAnna Pappas. Not you?

Brad Womack’s season made it the most controversial seasons in Bachelor history so why would they want to bring back a less than popular guy to be their Season 15 Bachelor. Looks like both ABC and Brad are willing to take the chance one more time. Will there be wedding bells in Brad’s future ? I sure hope so, I don’t want to see him a third time and neither do you.

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One Response to “The Bachelor 2011: Brad Womack Faces DeAnna Pappas”

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    Stacy Says:

    I agree with Jenni & Deanna… why would the new bachelorette’s want to try and win his love when he may just leave them at the end?! He may be changed, but it’s kind of weird!